Top Video Marketing Trends in 2023

Top Video Marketing Trends in 2023 | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, every day we are seeing newer ad types, and content formats coming in. When Tik Tok burst onto the global scene in 2018, who could have predicted that a 5-10 second video app would surpass 2 billion downloads overtaking Instagram in downloads, gain 20% market share and its popularity became so evident that the social media giant Instagram also had to find a way to adapt to this new content. As a result, now not only Instagram but Facebook as well as YouTube have short-form video offerings. Reels, YT Shorts, Tik Tok have become not only ways of entertaining people but also revenue-generating avenues for influencers, especially youngsters to pursue that while focusing on their studies and work parallelly.

But is it really that shocking that short-form video has become so popular? By improving conversions by 86%, videos top the list among the different types of digital marketing methods. More than 70% of eCommerce brands have started to focus on increasing their video marketing budgets after the pandemic.

But what can help your business generate the highest revenue from every dollar spent on video marketing? How can you leverage it for your company’s brand or even your own personal brand? Is there a strategy that presents itself?

To try and answer that, here we are sharing the latest trends seen in video marketing in 2023.

1. Short-Form Videos

As we said, attention spans are shrinking every day. The advent of TikTok & Reels, it has changed the way creators are thinking of content. Now you have only 2-3 seconds to really engage a person. Musicians are creating strategic music specifically meant to go viral on Reels/Tiktok, content creators are making 5 to 10-second engaging videos to work the Instagram algorithm which is now promoting Reels over any other content form. Even companies have 5 to 10 seconder versions of their long-form ads which they use across platforms to garner more views & increase brand awareness.

The mantra now is if you can’t keep your videos short, you will have to forget about getting more views.

According to video marketing statistics:

  • 68% of viewers are likely to watch the entire video of your brand when it’s under 60 seconds.
  • 25% of users complete the entire video when it’s under 20 minutes.

Moreover, you can skip worrying about engagement stats after beginning to publish short-form video content as per this video marketing trend.

2. Live Video Streaming

Are you wondering why live streaming is one of the most popular video marketing trends of 2023? It’s because live video streaming is all about connection, authenticity, and intimacy. Sales talk isn’t the only thing that will help you get closer to your audience.
Your target audience would love to know that there’s a human being with flesh and blood behind your brand. It won’t be possible for you to connect face-to-face with your customers. So, resort to the second-best thing, which is the video marketing trend of live streaming.
Even if it’s virtual, only people can connect with people on a personal level.

  • Facebook is the best to get the highest number of live views, with around 20% of the videos on the platform being live.
  • Within a month of the pandemic outbreak and lockdowns all over the globe, live video streaming increased by 70% on Instagram.

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are warming up to this video marketing trend of 2023 as they are gradually noticing the emergence of live streaming.

3. Interactive Video

Thanks to the trends of interactive videos, enhancing user engagement has become easy for brands. You have probably seen these video marketing trends of 2023 on your social media feed, where you are allowed to make choices while watching.
Think about the emoji slider, poll, or question sticker available on Instagram stories. Don’t you think that these elements are a great way for you to interact and get closer to a brand?
Another type of interactive video marketing trend to keep an eye on is 360-degree video. See how it can help your brand:

  • The 360-degree video will come to your rescue for experiential video marketing as it enables viewers to get immersed in the content.
  • The use of virtual reality enables viewers to control the camera angle by moving the device or cursor.

Transforming explanatory videos or step-by-step guides into interactive demos is one of the best video marketing trends of 2023 for brands to flourish.

4. Optimize Videos for Google Search

Optimizing your videos is crucial to ensure that they land on top of search results. But video optimization goes beyond adding keywords in the title and description. Likes, comments, and shares also play a crucial role in determining the ranking of your videos.
Here’s why optimizing your videos for Google searches is one of the most important video marketing trends in 2023:

  • It lets you appear on top of YouTube search results.
  • But optimizing videos with the right keywords can let you rank higher than the top blog post in the SERPs.

SEO is crucial for discovering new videos. However, a video that doesn’t get enough views within three to six weeks of its upload won’t appear on top at a later point.

5. Video Hosting Platforms

Accessing online videos on mobile devices is quite popular. But people also try to watch content on bigger screens than their smartphones or tablets. Smart TVs enable users to stream content from different platforms on a bigger screen.

Around 64% of UK residents stream online videos on TV more than on their phones, laptops, or tablets. Therefore, one of the video marketing trends requires you to choose a video hosting platform like YouTube with in-built TV streaming properties. Your audience will be able to watch content on bigger screens.

On the other hand, it is one of the best video marketing trends of 2023 that will help you benefit from the millions of searches on the platform every day.

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By 2027, the video marketing industry is expected to generate a market revenue of $318.80 billion. The only reason why it would be possible is that video marketing can deliver effective results. If you want to make the most out of this digital marketing method, don’t forget to remain acquainted with all the latest video marketing trends.

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