6 Ways to Improvise Your Emails to Make a Spot-on Impact on Readers | Emeritus India

6 Ways to Improvise Your Emails to Make a Spot-on Impact on Readers | Emeritus India | Upskilling | Emeritus

You cannot write any normal email to your colleagues, juniors, or other people working in higher management. The email should have certain elements that will determine its impact, the impression it makes on the readers, and several other such facts. Unless and until you do so, you won’t be able to maintain communication with others, especially if the email is about something quite important and concerns the business or the organization at multiple levels.
It isn’t easy to write an email, especially when we consider an email about a product launch, new hiring, etc. One mistake and your email will fail to make the impact you want to have on the readers. So, keeping this in mind, we have explained the top six ways you can easily write the perfect email and ensure it makes a spot-on impact on the readers without much hassle.

Ask Questions to Your Readers

The first thing your email should have is the question. Until and unless you are questioning your audience or starting with a question directed toward their pain point, you won’t be able to make the right impact. There are several challenges in forming and presenting the question in a positive and understandable manner. So, when you start the email with a question, do consider the following points:
1.  Has the question depicted the real-time problem of the readers?
2.  Is there any proper answer to the question being asked?
3.  How many questions do you need to give hints on the following email body?
4.  Who is the target audience you want to focus on through the question?
5.  Does the question have clarity and interactive language?

3:1 for You: I in the mail

While writing the email, you need to maintain a proper ratio of you and I. Your email cannot positively impact the audience if the content is full of yourself. Instead, you need to mention more “you” than “I. The correct way of doing so is by mentioning one “I” for every three “you.”
This will reveal that you are concerned about the people for whom you are formulating the email. Furthermore, your readers will instantly connect with your business through the email content. They will know you care about them, and their responses will be positive, or in other words, in your favor.

Praise Genuinely and Appeal

The next thing you need to focus on is how you present the content. If you want to make an instant connection with your target audience, you should praise them and appeal using some of their best abilities. For instance, let’s say you want to inform your employees about a new transformation. For this, you need to praise your employees for their efforts and hard work they have invested in your organization so far.
This way, you can easily appeal, praising their best abilities and ensuring they are moved by how you present the email body. Do not make any direct statements, as that might make your praises feel biased. Be subtle and address everyone with your email, even the employees who do not work that hard.

Do not Forget to Add Flattery

Although sugarcoating words is not an ideal way to approach your target audience in the professional world, sometimes that can help you convey your message and make a direct impact. For instance, you can add a statement or two to flatter your audience so that you can directly hit the soft corner and receive a maximum positive response without a doubt.

Speak the Truth Generously and Kindly

You should always speak the truth in your email, even if that means hurting someone’s sentiments or letting others know about the bad news. For instance, if you need to form an email to the employees being laid off, you should form the content politely and genuinely. Make your tone generous and kind.
Not only will this have a less adverse impact on the people you are emailing, but they will accept the reality without making any scene out of the email. Be kind to everyone and show the same through the words chosen for writing the email and the sentences formed.

Always Write a Clear Result with a Desirable Outcome

Last but not least, you need to ensure the email has the clear result you expect, with details on the outcome. The communication needs to be absolute, to the point, and effective. There is no point in beating around the bush and stretching the content to fill the mail body. Whenever you discuss something directly related to the subject line, you must properly understand the facts and explain the same in the email.


In this article, we have described some prime ways to formulate an email and use it as a primary source of contact with your readers. These six components will help you establish an effective communication channel with others and convey what you are thinking.

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