Top IT Manager Qualifications

Multi-national companies (MNCs) and small-medium industries or businesses are becoming selective while recruiting for managerial positions. The number of talented and skilled professionals is declining substantially, and the complexity of the current business environment is adding to the peril of finding the right person.

That’s why many companies are becoming selective while employing candidates for managerial positions. Therefore, to make it to the top of an organization, your qualifications and skills should align with the organization’s requirements. Whether in Information technology (IT), marketing, sales, or other fields, employee qualification is essential today.

If you are an aspiring candidate who wants to pursue IT, just knowing the answer to ‘what do you understand by information technology’ wouldn’t be enough. You should have the right qualification and skillset. In this article, we’ll take you through the qualifications required to become a successful IT manager.

What Are the Top IT Manager Qualifications?

In 2021, the IT industry was believed to have a market share of 8 % in the Indian economy, more than what it had a decade ago. Thus, the need for a skilled workforce in managerial positions is rising. MNCs are looking out for professionals who are market leaders and can drive results and push the envelope with their innovative strategies. Similarly, IT firms are looking for qualified IT professionals for managerial positions. So, if you are interested in accelerating your career in IT, continue reading to learn about an IT manager’s qualifications.
Typically, organizations used to recruit IT managers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, information technology, IT project management, or relevant fields. However, with the rapid technological advancements, majority of job roles require advanced skills, and companies expect IT managers to keep upskilling themselves.

In order to help IT managers and other individuals to cope up with this challenge and stay competitive in the industry, Emeritus offers numerous IT programmes that equip aspiring IT managers with advanced skill sets.

In the succeeding section of the article, we will answer commonly asked questions like – how to become an IT manager, what does an IT manager do, and IT manager salary in India. Continue reading to know more.

How To Become an IT Manager?

An IT manager plays a vital role in an organization. The managerial position demands them to have certain skills that increase their efficiency and productivity. An aspiring IT manager must have these skills to make their transition to the managerial role easier and smoother. Here are some skills that help an IT manager excel in their job:

Coding Skills

IT managers should be able to perform coding functions on different computer and network systems. Every IT manager must be equipped with this basic skill. The manager should be well-versed in different coding languages like C, C++, Java, Python, R, etc. Moreover, they should be well aware of different computer systems and their usage.

Communication skills

An IT manager should be a good communicator. Since IT managers coordinate and collaborate with different departments, they should have excellent interpersonal skills to mitigate confusion and communication gaps in the organization. Furthermore, they should be skilled to offer solutions to complex IT-related problems. In addition to it, they must provide guidance and training to executive IT professionals on technical and non-technical topics.

Knowledge about computer systems and network

An IT manager’s job profile demands a set of technical skills – one of them is knowledge about computer systems and networks. In addition, IT managers should be skilled to offer a solution to complex IT-related problems.

Time and project management

IT managers need to be self-motivated and self-directed individuals who define their goals and work towards achieving them. They also need to be skilled in handling a team with distinct professionals and installing a standardized procedure to ensure efficiency and productivity. Thus, IT managers should be good at time and project management as it helps them juggle between projects hassle-free and without deviating from company goals and objectives.

IT managers should also possess skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical, etc., to excel in their job profile.

What Does an IT Manager Do?

Aspiring IT managers often frantically search online- what are an IT manager’s roles and responsibilities. So, for all those anxious aspirants, here’s what an IT manager does daily in an organization.

  • Lead a team of IT professionals and multiple IT projects from start to completion.
  • Develop and manage IT project budgets, monitor employee performances, and track different IT projects’ status.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, vendors, and top-level management to understand the company objective and report any discrepancies.
  • Gather, analyze, and communicate IT metrics and targets.

An IT manager plays a crucial role in helping an organization keep its network and computer system secure, safe, and up to date. They also take care of different IT and technological-related functions and duties. That’s why they are an inevitable part of the organization.

In the last few decades, the demand for IT managers has increased substantially, with many organizations recruiting skilled and talented IT graduates to their organizations.

The industry works on the concept of demand and supply, meaning the demand and supply are correlated. Therefore, when the demand for IT managers increases, so does the number of IT graduates. To sustain in this competitive environment, aspirants need to upskill themselves. Here’s how you can upskill yourself in this competitive environment, followed by peek into an IT manager’s salary.

IT Manager’s Salary in India

Since IT managers have a critical job title, their salary is also high and competitive. An IT manager, on an average, earns about ₹ 13,38,722 annually for the services they offer. Although the figure may sound exciting, it is relative. An individual can earn more or less depending on the qualifications, organization, and work experience one endorses.

If you want to bag a competitive pay package, you must consider taking up an IT program from a reputed institute. Emeritus India offers numerous IT programmes in collaboration with various Indian and international educational institutes, which can help you gain a competitive advantage over others and land your dream job. So, without any further delay, enroll yourself for any of Emeritus’s IT programmes today!

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