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What are the Secrets to Making a Presentation Right? | Emeritus India | Leadership | Emeritus

Whenever you are making any presentation, there are a lot of hurdles one needs to address and plan properly. If the plan is not orchestrated from the beginning, there can be a lot of problems. Besides, it will become quite difficult for the presenter to get the words out to the customers or the target audience. As a result, the goals of the presentation can’t be met. This will create more problems which is why one needs to be quite sure about the elements one includes in the presentation, the tonal quality, the way of presentation, and so on.
Steve Jobs has given some secret formulas for ensuring the presentation can be up to the mark and easily drive the maximum audience. However, the task seems much easier said than done. Therefore, in this following article, we have discussed why you need to focus on the presentation and what are the secrets of Steve Jobs for the presentation.

Importance of Making the Presentation Right

There are several reasons you need to make the presentation right and focus on the elements you include. Here, we have briefly described some facts to help you understand the importance of a good presentation.
1.  Presentation is the best way in which one can convey words. Therefore, when you do not have the right presentation, there is no way you can make your message clear. Let’s say you want to pitch a new idea to investors. Unless and until it has clarity, you cannot explain your schedule or the short-term and long-term goals to your investors.
2.  It isn’t easy to impress others with your services or products in this highly competitive world. You cannot give a long speech on the project or the service. Instead, what you can do is create a presentation and explain everything in crisp on different slides. This will be enough to provide the right explanation to your target audience.
3.  Another area where the presentation plays a crucial role is explaining what you have to provide. Your target audience will only respond to your pitch when you can give them a solid answer about what you want to sell, the features, benefits from the user’s perspective, and so on.

Steve Jobs Secret Formula for Getting the Presentation Right

Now that we have established the importance of presentation, let’s get straight into the concept of making a proper presentation according to Steve Jobs’ secret formula. This will help you to make the right presentation and optimize the same in all senses.

Sellable idea

Your presentation should first have a full explanation of what you are selling. It is not mandatory that you have to use a product to complete this section. Instead, you can include your idea, service, and so on when you want to describe what you are selling. It determines the base of the presentation; hence, there shouldn’t be any room for making mistakes.


If you see how great individuals prepare a presentation, you will realize they always start their presentations based on a question. For example, you can start with a question like “Don’t you think it’s high time we all agree to the fact that humans are responsible for how nature is behaving today?”. This will help you connect instantly with your audience, and they can formulate an answer almost instantly.

Eye Contact

Another thing that Steve Jobs focused on was making eye contact. When you are giving your presentation, explaining the contents on a slide, or answering any question your audience has asked, you need to maintain eye contact. It should be such that you do not come off as a dominating individual or someone scared to face the real audience. Instead, your gaze should be polite but strong enough to let others know you are confident.

Vocabulary and Tonality

You also need to check your way of presentation. Sometimes, some people use tough language, while others prefer layman’s language. Either way, you won’t be able to get the expected results.
Therefore, your vocabulary should be understandable and professional and match the target audience. Giving a presentation to junior employees requires a certain vocabulary that should be different from when you give a presentation to the stakeholders. You also need to focus on your tone or how you speak. Keeping body language strict and confident can help you get away with your words without problems.

Visually Appealing Slides

Last but not least, you should focus on designing and preparing the slides. There shouldn’t be any chaos or messed up the slide, as that will lower your chances of making a spot-on impact on your audience.


Now that you understand the right way to create a presentation and its importance, we are certain you won’t make any further mistakes while doing so. Check every component of the presentation and ensure they are at their best. You must sell your product, service, or idea to an audience with varying mindsets and mentalities. Therefore, making a friendlier and more interactive presentation is crucial.

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