What is the Average Salary of a Mechatronics Engineer?

To understand the average salary of mechatronics engineers, you need to realise that it is more than just one role. 

A career in mechatronics includes multiple aspects that help automate industrial tasks, like designing, developing, maintaining and managing complex technologies.
Meaning, a mechatronics engineer is required to handle all aspects of automated technology in an industry, like: 

  • Scrutinising the existing processes and designs 
  • Making improvement recommendations 
  • Developing new products 
  • Presenting reports 

Lets’ take a brief look at the salary range before we move on to an in-depth understanding. 

How Much Does a Mechatronics Engineer Earn in India? 

The salary of a mechatronics engineer in India, with less than a year of experience and up to 6-8 years, ranges between ₹ 1- 10 Lakhs/annum. Also, a mechatronics engineer’s average annual salary is around ₹ 4 Lakhs/annum [Source]. 

  • The average starting salary of a mechatronics engineer in India is around ₹5-10k per month [Source]. 
  • The highest average salary of a mechatronics engineer is between ₹86- ₹96k per month. 
  • The national average salary for a mechatronics engineer ranges between ₹25 – ₹ 26k per month. 

The above salary data can vary depending on variables like the industry you work in, the company, company size, location, the job role, educational qualification, and most importantly, the years of experience you have. 

For a better understanding of the salary of a mechatronics engineer, one needs to know the diverse mechatronics job roles. 

Common Mechatronics Job Roles and Their Salaries 

Individuals holding a mechatronics engineering degree can find employment opportunities in several industries: Robotics, Automation, Nanotechnology, Computer-aided design, Aircraft Engineering and many such related fields.
The most common job titles of mechatronics engineers are: 

Robotics Engineer 

Robotics engineers work on designing and developing robotic systems to carry out typical human activities. These systems are designed to be operated by computers through remote locations. 

Robotics finds application in numerous filed including automotive services, manufacturing, production, R&D, nuclear science, designing of bio-medical equipment, etc. With a mechatronics degree, you can work in almost all these key areas of robotics. 

The salary of a robotics engineer in India starts from ₹ 1.5-2 Lakhs [Source] and goes up to ₹ 8-11 Lakhs per annum [Source]. 

Robotics Programmer 

Robotics programmers are professional involved in developing computer software, applications, and other programs that are required for a robot to function properly. Additionally, they work on improvising and troubleshooting errors in the existing system. With a mechatronics degree, you can even work as a robotics programmer and assist robotics engineers in configuring different robotic systems. 

The salary of a robotics programmer in India ranges between ₹ 1 Lakh to ₹ 8 Lakhs per annum [Source]. 

Automation Engineer 

Implementing and maintaining automatic workflows within an organisation is the prime role of automation engineers. They continuously look for automation opportunities within their workplace and design the required automation system. Automation engineers are commonly found in the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries.
A mechatronics degree equips you with expertise in pneumatic systems, and industrial and PLC automation. Thus, you can handle the role of automation engineer and ensure a seamless production process in an organisation. 

The salary of an automation engineer in India starts from ₹ 2-3 Lakhs [Source] and goes up to ₹ 12-13 Lakhs per annum [Source]. 

Electronics Engineer 

Electronic engineers work on designing electronic devices and their distinct components. They also perform research on improving the design of equipment and further creating user-friendly interfaces. As a mechatronics professional who has a basic idea of electronic devices and systems, getting into this field is quite easy.
The salary of electronics engineers in India ranges between ₹ 1 Lakh to ₹ 8 Lakhs per annum [Source]. 

Mechanical Engineer 

Mechanical engineers work on designing mechanical systems for more efficient operations within their organisations. Additionally, they look after troubleshooting and maintaining different mechanical systems to address essential wear and tear. 

The salary of a mechanical engineer in India ranges from ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 8 Lakhs per annum [Source]. 

Mechatronics engineering is an exclusive combination of electronic and mechanical skills. Therefore, with a mechatronics engineering degree, you can efficiently handle the role of an electronics engineer as well as a mechanical engineer.
In addition to the above roles, a mechatronics engineer can also handle the responsibilities of instrumentation engineer, software engineer, PLC programmer, mechatronics technician and electromechanical engineer. 

In addition to the above roles, a mechatronics engineer can also handle the responsibilities of an instrumentation engineer, software engineer, PLC programmer, mechatronics technician and electromechanical engineer. 

How To Make a Career in Mechatronics 

For a successful career in mechatronics, one must be able to: 

  • Create cost-effective solutions to solve industrial problems 
  • Integrate technologies from various fields 
  • Enhance existing industrial and manufacturing designs 
  • Improve current industry processes 
  • Plan budgets 

Here’s what your career path will look like. 

Complete your basic education 

The first step towards becoming a mechatronics engineer is completing your 10+2. Your focus subjects should be physics, chemistry and mathematics. Learning the basic principles of physics and mathematics is essential, as they will create a strong base for what follows. 

Get a bachelor’s degree 

To start your career in mechatronics, you will need a relevant degree. You can get a B.Tech., B.E. or a B.Sc. degree in India. Here you will study subjects in the areas of electronics, robotics and mechanics.
Bachelor’s degree in engineering takes four years, if done properly. 

Gain relevant experience 

You will have to work in a related field like electronics, electrical or mechanical engineering, and advance your career in mechatronics. Your salary as a mechatronics engineer will be highly dependent on your performance during this time.
You can start as an intern, and as time passes, you will be suitable for well-paying jobs. 

Go for a master’s degree 

To boost your eligibility and earn higher salary, you can enrol in a master’s degree in mechatronics. You can either do this right after your bachelor’s or after getting some experience. There is a master’s degree programme in Mechatronics, now available in India offered by an IIT. This programme can help you take the next leap in your mechatronics career. You may know more about this programme here. 


Another option to enhance your career in mechatronics is doing a mechatronics certification course. You will be more appealing to potential employers with accomplishments like advanced design and programming skills. 

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