What is Compensation Management? Definition & Examples

What is Compensation Management? Definition & Examples | Human Resource Management | Emeritus

Compensation management is known by many other terms in the corporate world. Reward management, salary management, and wage compensation management are some of the different terms used. But what is it?

Compensation management falls under the branch of the HR team. In this process, the HR team monitors and plans the compensation of an employee that they must receive in return for their labour towards the company.

Here, their finances are determined, negotiation is conducted, incentives are given, and whatnot. In many cases, employees also receive employee benefits and bonuses for job referrals. This is what a holistic compensation management process includes.

What Is Compensation Management In Actuality?

The system in which you evaluate and chalk out the compensation of each employee in return for their hard-earned labour is compensation management. This is necessary for all employees. It is a critical process because it fosters employee retention, employee satisfaction, and even engagement.

This way, it can help spur better performance, attract recruits and decrease turnover to a considerable extent. That is why every company must have a compensation management ppt ready at hand.

HR professionals are responsible for many purposes in a working firm. They make sure that the employees are receiving their appraisals on time, conduct extensive onboarding, hire the right talent, and so much more. The process is also thus conducted by them. For this reason, HR gathers and determines necessary statistics that are relevant to their job and employees.

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Why Is Compensation Management The Need Of The Hour?

Prepare Compensation Data and Determine Budget

The salary that is given to employees in a firm is crucial to determine accurately. If too much salary is exhausted, the company may lose out on its capital and savings. That is why it needs to be carefully planned for all employees. This process is undertaken by the HR team. They may use a compensation management PDF to discuss the budget, evaluate it, and even prepare compensation data in the first place.

Report Employee Wages

In many parts of the globe, such as the United States, employers have to abide by equity laws. These are based on the gender, race, occupation, and ethnicity of a person. For this purpose, it becomes important for them to report employee wages from time to time. Compensation management software can help do this with more accuracy.

Good Compensation Strategies

Compensation differs everywhere. Yes, even from one country to another. That is why many people who are paid better in one place find it very difficult to sustain themselves in another place where they are paid less for the same services. With compensation management software, these wages can be accurately recorded to come up with the right estimate as per the competition around.

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Compensation Management Examples To Help Understand Better

Example 1- Compensation By Industry And Country

We have already talked about how compensation differs from one country to another. While in the United States, an average writer is paid $24.63 per hour, in India, the same wage is Rs. 160 per hour. As such, any employer who is moving from the United States to India can have a tough time adjusting to this compensation.

That is why hiring a United States employee may mean giving away a large amount of salary that may not be feasible for the company in India. For this purpose, compensation management software is used to run comparisons of the wages by industry and country. Then, the right talent is picked accordingly, so both parties can work their finances out more realistically.

Example 2- Analyse Data

In many companies, analysing compensation data is a timely thing. Those that use compensation management software are able to carry this process out with few problems. That is why they are able to analyse data using diverse, exceptional analytical tools to hire the right talent and retain them properly. The HR managers of healthcare industries and even technical sectors leverage this.

Example 3- Provide Accurate Compensation To All

A digital agency has hired ten employees. But how will they know what to pay them until they have market knowledge of the same? This is conducted with the help of a compensation management ppt that HR teams use to conduct meetings and decide the pay of these employees properly. Then, the right compensation is decided for each employee as per their skills and labour work in the organization.

Objectives Of Compensation Management

  • Obtain the right talent
  • Retain existing employees with the right bonuses and incentives
  • Affirm equity
  • Control the costs properly
  • Abide by the legal rules
  • Inculcate a good sense of communication and understanding
  • Motivate personnel for better productivity levels in the long run
  • Salary and wage programs are to be managed with maximum effectiveness
  • Compensation needs to have enough consistency
  • Make sure the compensation is also sufficient for the employee. They must be satisfied with the finances they receive at the end of the day for their hard work and dedication

The Future Of Compensation Management

The workforce priorities are changing consistently. That is why compensation management needs to be as flexible as possible to amend at the convenience of these modifications. Focus on analytics software should also be brought about rightly. With the advances in technology, more focus should be brought upon this analytics software and its updates for better accuracy and efficiency.

Compensation management must also become capable enough of handling new benefits in the long run. This is essential for the company’s advancement and employee productivity levels.

The Bottom Line

Any sound wage structure is made of many essential qualities. For starters, the company must be sure they can make the payments as per the market rates. They must also consider the demand and supply of labour in their industry. The cost of living in the same place and other psychological factors must also be considered for the best experience.

Although compensation management can be highly beneficial, there are also certain challenges that companies face regarding them. Adjusting to persistently changing market rates can be challenging for every organization. The government’s constraints on compensation and union power are also certain obstacles. That is why you need a resilient team to build the right compensation management strategies based on the laws and regulations necessary. Make sure you do it at the earliest.

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