Who is a Digital Transformation Manager? Salary, Skills & Career

Who is a Digital Transformation Manager? Salary, Skills & Career | Digital Transformation | Emeritus

Digital transformation is the approach of employing digital technologies, to create new or transform existing classic and non-digital business operations and services. This helps compete with the evolving market and fulfil customer expectations.
A digital transformation manager is the supervisor of the digital transformation ecosystem. Learn more about what is the digital transformation manager role in an organisation, the required skills, and the career pathway.

Who is a Digital Transformation Manager?

Any type of business, be it small or large works on digital transformation for varied reasons. But the most important one is the survival of the business in this competitive and growing world.
After the pandemic condition, an organisation’s capacity to adapt to supply chain disturbances, manage market pressures, and meet rapidly changing customer expectations, plays a key role in overall growth.
Now, when a business has decided to transform with the latest emerging technologies, the question that arises here is who would lead the project?
To lead such a project an organisation, need someone who can understand the business needs, come up with the right digital transformation option and thus find the best IT solution. The description is what exactly defines a digital transformation manager.

What Does a Digital Transformation Manager Do?

Digital transformation is something that can dynamically change the functioning of a business if executed in the right direction. Let us understand what exactly a digital transformation manager does to achieve the right results.

  • Direct and strategies a digital transformation roadmap for the organisation.
  • Carry out a detailed analysis to understand the IT necessities of the workforce.
  • Ensure appropriate IT infrastructure is cultivated and deployed at the premises.
  • Develop strategies that would encourage users to adopt the offered technological services and products.
  • Understand the end-to-end perspective of the client’s technical atmosphere and explain how the digital model can be interpreted and used to resolve business issues.
  • Manage the all-around digital transformation work plan via weekly, monthly, and quarterly status that would help identify the issues.

What are the Skills Required to Become a Digital Transformation Manager?

The knowledge of how the digital transformation is to be applied, to bring the most of it, is the turning point. The right finding takes the company to levels while the inaccurate judgment has its set back.
Thus, it is not about rushing for innovation, besides it all lies in implementing the right strategies. Some of the essential skills of digital transformation managers are.

  • Strategy-building skills, as strategies play an essential role in the digital transformation framework.
  • Flexible enough to return to the previous state of the framework or switch to a new solution, whichever is the need of time.
  • Analytical skills, for the collection and analysis of data, to spot pointers before they lead to fatal errors.
  • Outstanding communication skills for better communication and the creation of a cooperative work environment.
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in the relevant business and consumer technology.
  • Excellent project management skills to understand a company structure and suggest the necessary change.
  • Good command of business development, digital marketing, and IT skills.

Salary of Digital Transformation Manager in India

In this increasingly digital world, companies (large or small) need to catch up and innovate to stay in the market. Thus, digital transformation act as a bridge between digital technology and the business. A digital transformation manager’s salary in India starts from ₹7L-₹11L [Source ] and goes up to ₹30L-₹40L making an annual average of ₹21L [Source ].

Digital Transformation Manager Career Scope

Knowing all about what a digital transformation manager does, and the necessary skill set. It can be stated that digital transformation is all about developing a business by experimenting with the latest tech and reviewing the current course of action on common issues. As there is continuous evolution and transformation in technology, it is not always possible to have a clear endpoint idea. It goes with predictions at times.
Therefore, the challenging part of a digital transformation manager role is its requirement to adapt to ever-changing industries and continuously improve how they function.

To excel in a digital transformation manager role, one must have sound knowledge of the ongoing digital trends, the different types of digital marketing and visionary business development ideas. Emeritus India’s in-person and online digital transformation courses can be helpful here.

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