Which Is The Best Course For Python In Data Science?

It is imperative to be well-versed in different computer programming languages to prevail in the new war of talents. And since there are not many bachelor’s or master’s courses that include programming languages in their curriculum, aspiring data scientists take up specialized certification courses to learn what is Python, R, C++ or other programming languages.

This article will explore different data science courses that will give candidates the basics of Python and different programming languages. These courses can be taken in the comfort of one’s home with limited use of resources. They are convenient and specifically designed for working professionals, or experienced data scientists focused on developing a career in data science with Python. Before delving into the courses, let’s understand- what is data science and what is Python.

What Is Python?

Python is a computer language that is widely used in web development and information technology (IT) processes. In addition to Python, R, Java, C, and C++, there are other programming languages that data scientists use for different processes.

Experts accredit the wide use of Python to its flexibility and easy-to-use interface. They also estimate that the language will grow by leaps and bounds in the forthcoming years. Here are some of the business processes that use Python:

  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Data science
  • Scripting languages for website development
  • Designing mobile phone and desktop interface

What Is Data Science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses different methods to collect, analyze, segregate, and interpret raw and unstructured data. Therefore, a data scientist should be well-versed in different mathematical formulas, statistical techniques, computer algorithms, and systems to operate and use for extracting and mining data.

Top 5 Data Science Courses

1. Introduction to Data Science in Python
The course, offered by some of the top Indian and international institutes, helps candidates learn basic Python programming techniques like lambdas, understanding CSV files, and the NumPy library. In addition, the data science course will equip candidates with data manipulation, cleaning, and segregation techniques. Therefore, candidates planning to learn more about data science can take this popular learning programme.

2. Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL
In today’s data-driven world, data science professionals are learning different programming languages to provide support and help to engineers in times of adversity. The data science fundamentals with Python and SQL course is one such course that equips candidates with different tools like Jupyter, Notebooks, R Studio, GitHub, and Watson Studio, among others.
In addition, the course also teaches candidates different statistical analytical techniques like data visualization, hypothesis testing, regression, and more. Also, focusing on developing basic knowledge about Python and SQL queries.

3. Data Science with Python course
The data science with Python certification course is a short-term course appropriate for working professionals interested in learning the basics of data science and analytics tools and techniques. The course also emphasizes equipping candidates with the fundamentals of Python. Various Indian and international institutes offer the certification course, and anyone with the zeal to learn about data science and Python is eligible to take it.

4. Python for data science, AI and development
The advent of technology and automation has led to increased use of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools and techniques integrated into the business. To stay ahead of the competition, data science professionals are taking courses that help them learn these tools and techniques. Python for data science, AI and development is one such course that has gained popularity among aspirants. The course’s curriculum includes the basics of Python- including types, variables, and expressions, Python programming, and data structure in Python, among others.

5. Data Analysis using Python
Data Analysis is a subset of data science that helps interpret the data collected in a table, graph, pie chart, or other visually appealing formats to draw meaningful insights. The data analysis using Python programmes will help candidates understand concepts like data frames and data libraries. Moreover, the course will equip candidates with tools and techniques to analyze data using different tools and techniques like data visualization.

What Are The Benefits Of Python Courses?

There are many benefits of learning Python. Some of them are as follows:

  • Python is the primary coding language at many firms. Therefore, it is widely used across different industries.
  • Learning Python helps professionals working in data science roles easily understand complex data mining and big data platforms. It’s because they all rely on Python for smooth functioning.
  • Python instigates productivity and efficiency in coding.
  • Compared to other programming languages like C, C++, and Java, it is easy to read.
  • Different departments can use Python. For instance, product managers and engineers use it while developing prototypes.

Data Science Certification Courses

If you plan a future in data science, it is imperative to take up different data science certification courses online. Certification courses help candidates learn new skills and gain in-depth knowledge about their field. Emeritus India has some of the best data science certification courses. These programmes are offered in association with renowned Indian and international educational institutes. Skyrocket your career to greater heights by enrolling yourself in our data science certification courses.

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