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While there are + global social media users, it’s quite evident why businesses invest in social media marketing. There are plenty of social networking platforms to work with. They include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. In fact, there are multiple ways to create content and share it on each of the platforms.

Right from live videos, photos, and stories, to pre-recorded videos, businesses can provide them with all. Today, we will be looking into what Colleen Jones, best-selling author and content marketing expert, has in store for us. You will get to know how you should dial your content marketing strategy for maximum leverage.

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Colleen Jones on Content Marketing for Social Media

While intimation is the highest form of flattery, then social media networks must like each other quite a lot. Above all, social networks borrow successful features like disappearing stories from one another. Keep reading to get familiar with the key features of content marketing, as Jones offers some remarkable insights. Besides, you will also get to witness how content marketing can help you commence.

Let us now check out the three key features on major social networks revealed by Jones:

Algorithms on Social Media

The defining feature of present-day social media platforms is entirely based on algorithms. The news feed of social networking platforms prioritizes content based on the amount of engagement that a post has had. Also, it considers the credibility of the account posting the content over social media.

As per the current algorithm of social media, this means it doesn’t display content in order of the posting time. So, the golden rule is to think more about relevance and quality over quantity. And tapping into new-age events and pop culture is an excellent way to drive engagement.

For instance, Hubspot released a video regarding marvel’s marketing strategy so that it coincides with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Here, consistency and a clear strategy were the keys to success. Besides, the smart use of hashtags predominantly helps users to discover your content. And this is possible even when the users don’t follow you over social networking platforms.

Let us now look into content streaming.

Streaming Content on Social Media

Colleen Jones determines that at least one in every five Facebook videos is streaming live. And it is true that the social media algorithm provides a strong expectation of this format.

In the case of YouTube, some of the most watched live video streams to date! Some of them include Felix Baumgartner’s parachute jump from space, which Red Bull sponsored. Following this, Space X’s Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch is still streaming over YouTube. Besides, you will also get to see the 2018 Coachella performance of Beyonce.

These live streams over YouTube provide a unique real-time bridge between the broadcaster and the audience. In fact, this could possibly be a two-way interaction while the presenter speaks straight, looking into the camera. Or, probably streaming keynotes from conferences and events is the quickest way to get started.

You can consider using this medium for conducting any Q&A interview sessions. Or sometimes, this works great for delivering certain behind-the-scenes content.

Community Engagement on Social Media

Most Facebook Groups provide a great opportunity to cultivate niche communities around very common interests. While private messaging is looming large, direct messaging platforms have also experienced rapid growth. And this rise has been extensive, especially in chatbots and automated messaging.

Basically, social networking sites offer features that provide people with connected and personalized experiences. So, the better you are familiar with the features, the better you can adapt content marketing for social media. And this is how your content marketing will have a greater impact on social networking platforms.

Get First-Class Assistance in Finding the Right Features for Content Marketing on Social Media with Emeritus India

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