A Complete Guide to Video Marketing

A Complete Guide to Video Marketing | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

What is Video Marketing?

In recent times, digital marketing seems to be the buzzword in every industry. Brands are using different types of digital marketing to survive the competition in their respective industries. Video marketing seems to be a popular choice for digital marketers. But what is video marketing exactly?

It’s a known fact that a photo can speak a thousand words. Now, just imagine how valuable a video can be, particularly when it comes to communicating with your audience. Once you understand what is video marketing, you will realize that it can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it to build customer rapport, promote your products and services, and more. You can experiment with different topics while creating videos for your brand. For instance, you can create how-to guides or promote customer testimonials.

You will also be able to work with different types of videos. Live streaming is particularly popular on social media platforms. By 2027, the global live-streaming market will reach.

How Video Marketing Works?

Understanding how video marketing works seems pretty simple on the surface. It involves businesses creating video content to promote their products, services, or brand. However, video marketing is a little more complicated in practice.
Once you understand how video marketing works, you should focus on the following tactics:

  • Determine your budget: Before beginning with your video marketing strategy, you need to determine the budget that you are willing to allocate toward it. Don’t forget to take into account the cost of hiring professionals with extensive knowledge of what is video marketing.
  • Tell your stories: You can leverage video marketing to narrate stories about your brand. Think about what stories you wish to tell and how.
  • Engage: Creating videos isn’t enough. You need to have an engagement factor in your videos to keep your target audience hooked.
  • Keep your videos short: As short-form content is becoming more popular, the ideal length of videos should be . However, you can work on the length depending on the platform you intend to post them on.
  • Post regularly. Like any other digital marketing method, you also need to be consistent with your video marketing strategy. You must create a posting schedule and try sticking to it. Moreover, you should also try posting your videos on platforms. Additionally, use different platforms to promote your videos.
  • Analyze: Building a video marketing strategy doesn’t mean your work is over. You need to figure out whether the video marketing strategy is able to provide you with positive results. There’s no point investing in a marketing strategy that is failing to generate successful leads and increase your conversion rates. Apart from view count, you can also use different metrics like watch time and social shares.

What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

If you want to develop a better understanding of what is video marketing, you must focus on its benefits. Some of the major benefits of video marketing are as follows:

  • Video marketing is a more effective way to connect with your audience. At a time when marketing efforts are useful in increasing the trustworthiness of a company, the benefits of video marketing are unparalleled. Videos are one of the most media to let the target audience know who you are as a brand.
  • One of the major benefits of video marketing is that it helps with SEO. Videos are useful for building backlinks to your website, driving traffic, and increasing likes and shares. One shouldn’t forget that YouTube is a product of Google. Therefore, basing your video marketing strategy on YouTube can help you improve your search rankings considerably.
  • One of the major benefits of video marketing is that it helps you present information to customers in a more engaging manner. Customers are more likely to watch videos and retain the information even three days later. However, try to keep your videos short, as the attention span of your target audience is quite short.
  • Among the other benefits of video marketing, getting higher ROI from your email marketing efforts is a huge one. The word “video” in an email can increase open rates by 6%. Moreover, videos are also great for increasing your overall sales and revenue.

What are the Challenges of Video Marketing?

While there are several benefits of video marketing, you will also come across multiple challenges associated with it. A few years back, one of the biggest video marketing challenges was cost. Brands often had to struggle with the high cost of equipment, editing software, and more.
But as brands are ready to invest a major part of their marketing revenue toward it, video marketing challenges seem to be beyond cost. By 2026, digital video ad spending is expected to reach $134.5 billion. Moreover, the cost of equipment required for successful video marketing campaigns is also reduced.

Presently, video marketing challenges are mostly strategic. It revolves around involving an effective video marketing strategy and developing engaging content. Therefore, it is becoming more crucial to understand how video marketing works.

Among other video marketing challenges, understanding how different metrics work is a huge one. In fact, all video marketing challenges that are strategic will get resolved as brands start understanding the way to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

With time, brands will become efficient at overcoming video marketing challenges. It will come with a better understanding of what is video marketing.

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Wrapping Up

Video is the fastest-growing content trend and it is here to stay.  Video marketing done right can work wonders for a brand and if done poorly can equally lead to just huge investments with not enough returns. Building video content with a comprehensive strategy in mind would help businesses streamline their content generation process.

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