How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing?

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing? | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Is AI the future of digital marketing? Well, when you think of Artificial intelligence or AI today, you think of computers that can speak like Alexa or Siri. In fact, machines can operate without human intervention, like self-driven cars. In reality, AI is capable of much more than that. They can transform businesses by automating simple tasks and making deep predictions.

Especially in the digital marketing industry, AI tools and techniques are used to develop superior products or services. Additionally, reach out to target customers easily, and quickly make complex marketing decisions.

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Digital Marketing?

AI is transforming the digital marketing industry by:

  1. Revolutionising how marketers approach promotional campaigns by reducing the time to ideate and implement a marketing strategy and providing deep insight into the target audience’s likes and dislikes.
  2. Automating content creation. AI-enabled applications are making it easy and convenient to create personalised content for individual users. For example, applications like Jarvis and Grammarly help content creators with ideation, editing, and writing blog posts and ad copies.
  3. Leveraging predictive analytics to divide customers into segments based on age, income, and other factors, and drive insights about customer behaviour and buying pattern.
  4. Automatically responding to customer support queries. Companies are using AI-enabled chatbots to solve complex customer queries without human intervention.

Here are some examples of how artificial intelligence will transform digital marketing functions:

  • AI in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With AI-driven applications, digital marketers can personalise customer interactions and offer enhanced user experience with special promotions or incentives to restore customer loyalty. Additionally, AI-powered applications like chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to segment customer queries, respond quickly to urgent user requests, and minimise dissatisfaction by attending to every consumer in real time.

Besides that, AI-powered CRM uses predictive analysis to draw deep insights related to customer behaviour and preferences based on their past interactions and other data. It can also be used for lead generation and increasing conversion rates.

  • AI in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

AI in SEO helps marketers improve keyword research, create optimised content, link building, and website analysis. AI-enabled SEO analyses large volumes of data to identify keywords related to the products or services. And use them to improve the website’s ranking on the SERP or search engine results page.

  • AI in Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketers use AI-enabled applications to generate written or visual content, such as posts, hashtags, and graphics for social media platforms. These AI-driven applications can also be used to track and monitor the performance of an SMM strategy. AI also helps personalise social media content for every customer based on their interests, location, and other factors.

  • AI in Email MarketingAI in Digital Marketing

AI is used in many ways to support the email marketing efforts of an organisation. Companies use it to divide customers into different segments based on their interests, engagement level, purchase history, and others. AI-driven applications are used to create a segment-wise email list and send email blasts to customers about new product launches, special offers or discounts, and other company and product-related information.

Moreover, AI can also help email marketers identify spam emails. Also, prevent them from reaching inboxes by creating a different folder for spam emails.

  • AI in Content Marketing

The growing appetite for content-based ads has made content marketing a dominant form of a promotion across industries. AI helps content marketers identify types of content that their existing customers and potential customers are interested in.

AI-driven applications can be used for writing content and editing it. For example, AI-powered applications like Co-schedule, Jarvis, Hemingway Editor, and Grammarly help content writers generate effective headlines for blogs and ad copies and edit content in just seconds. Recently, ChatGPT and BARD, advanced AI applications have caught the attention of the masses for their ability to generate answers to almost any question in a conversational way.

In the years to come, AI will take care of the entire content generation process, like creating ad copies, designing images for ads, and more.

Besides that, AI can be used for optimising existing content. Many AI tools and techniques can be used for analysing content performance and providing insights on what is working well and what areas need improvement.

AI in Digital MarketingFuture of AI in Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is on the rise, and it will change the world as it advances. More specifically, the digital marketing field. shows that the Artificial Intelligence market in India is projected to reach USD 7.8 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 20.2%.

The report further reveals that AI will be adopted across all industries to solve different business requirements.

If you work in marketing, you would be worried thinking that AI will make your role redundant. However, current predictions state that AI will end up creating more jobs than it destroys.

Those who are competent at working with technology, and identifying new technological solutions as they become available, will have a brighter future.

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