5 ChatGPT Alternatives You Can’t Miss in 2023

5 ChatGPT Alternatives You Can’t Miss in 2023 | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Emeritus

Artificial Intelligence and its use cases experienced landmark growth in 2022. AI is not new to the tech world. But AI tools like ChatGPT have led to the implementation of the technology at the consumer level for the first time. 

ChatGPT can understand, assess, and reply to long-form questions. The tool has a never-seen-before understanding of the human language. Therefore, ChatGPT can offer one-line short answers as well as create a long essay. 

But ChatGPT isn’t the only artificial intelligence technology to revolutionise the industry. Several other AI tools have also come into existence to help with text generation. Dive into our AI tools list 2023 and discover the top options for you. 

5 ChatGPT AI Tools Alternatives You Can’t Miss in 2023


Replika is one of the best artificial intelligence tools when you are searching for companionship. Developed with the help of the GPT-3 language model, Replika is based on an autoregressive model to develop responses like a human. The tool focuses on past encounters to lead to more profound and meaningful conversations. 

The more you converse with Replike, the more it will start understanding you. The AI chatbot can respond to all your texts promptly and act like your best friend. You can chat with Replike and explore various features for free, but the paid version comes with additional features. 


  • Can chat about anything and everything
  • Give your Replika a relationship status
  • Attend coaching support to develop better habits



  • Can support meaningful conversations
  • Interesting features are paid
  • Always available virtual assistant
  • Poor refund policy
  • Smooth video calling option
  • Can remember past conversations

ChatSonicAI tools

If you are looking for artificial intelligence tools with updated information, ChatSonic is your ultimate option. The conversational AI tool offers factually correct data about recent happenings with help from Google’s information network. Since it is developed above GPT3, the potential of ChatSonic is immensely expansive. 

ChatSonic overcomes the limitations of up to 2021 inputs by using natural language processing and machine learning. ChatSonic removes the need to type your prompts manually because you can give voice commands. At the end of the conversation, you can export it to a word or PDF document. 


  • Talk about current trends and events
  • Can convert text into digital art
  • Voice commands and voice responses



  • Simple and user-friendly with
    no need for technical knowledge
  • Free of cost till 2500 words
  • Affordable pricing levels make it
    accessible for people in need
    of a writing assistant
  • Prone to making mistakes
  • Supports creativity and develops
    new writing strategies
  • Contains 16 different personas
    for customisable conversations


Developed by Google, LaMDA comes with 137 billion parameters. It has been revolutionary in the field of Natural Language Processing. LaMDA is fine-tuned on the basis of safety, quality, and groundedness. 

The AI text generator is a dialogue system from OpenAI. Therefore, the tool can generate coherent, contextual, and natural responses. It is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives due to its ability to answer follow-up questions.


  • Ability to comprehend complex inquiries and discussions spanning different subjects
  • The model uses around 137 billion parameters
  • Can perform both classification and generation tasks during the fine-tuning phase



  • Lower execution costs
  • Difficult to access
  • Enhanced application resiliency
  • Fewer capabilities than ChatGPT and ChatSonic
  • Offers contextual and specific responses
  • Lack of environmental control
  • Responds to open-ended prompts


Titled Jarvis in the beginning, Jasper is an effective AI text generator. The tool can help deliver high-quality content within a short span. Its chat interface is based on GPT 3.5 and works using a fine-tuned platform with more than 50 templates. 

The tool can easily churn out content for PSA, blogs, AIDA, social media, and more. Unlike ChatGPT, Jasper is particularly useful for sales, marketing, and other businesses. Even though its pricing plans for Jasper are not cheap, its starting plan is free.


  • Ability to answer queries and provide large amounts of information
  • A simple user interface to chat with ease
  • Supports continuous conversation by remembering everything and providing a better context



  • Supports more than 25 languages
  • Expensive
  • Can offer original content ten times faster
  • Provides data beyond September 2021
  • Great for short sentences and ad copies
  • Further edits are necessary at times
  • Can generate original content for top ranks on search engines


AI toolsChinchilla is one of the best AI tools like ChatGPT. The project with Deepmind is called a GPT-3 killer. Its compute-optimal model has 70 billion parameters and four times higher data than Gopher. 

Like BERT and GPT-3, Chinchilla focuses on transformer models. But the AI tool can outperform the mathematical MMLU dataset of ChatGPT. Therefore, Chinchilla is suitable for people who need a reasoning language model, more sophisticated writing tasks, AI art, and a search engine. 


  • Requires considerably less computing in terms of fine-tuning
  • The accuracy rate of 67.5%, which is better than the Gopher language model
  • Three times the size of GPT-3 from OpenAI



  • Better than its competitors
  • High cost
  • Can process higher volumes of data faster
    and with higher precision
  • Not available for everyday users yet
  • Ability to learn and adapt on its own
  • Can’t remove toxic speech
  • It can be used for predicting market trends
    or analysing customer feedback

Wrapping up

In 2023, you will no longer have to settle for artificial intelligence tools that fail to meet your requirements. Early adopters of AI tools in business have been able to scale further heights in their respective industries. The business is not only powered by AI, but it also quickly becomes more productive.

Therefore, it is imperative to enrich your knowledge both soft and technical in AI and ML to keep yourself going with the recent and upcoming trends. Emeritus offers online courses and training programmes hosted by renowned universities like IIM, IIT, India School of Business and more. So, if you are thinking of building your skills then enrol in an AI and ML course today and expand your knowledge and aptitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which country is the best in terms of AI technology?

Singapore is the most advanced nation in terms of AI technology. 

2. Is India prepared for artificial intelligence technology?

India finds its place among the top ten nations in terms of AI advancements and funding. By 2025, India will significantly contribute to India’s GDP. 

3. How many parameters are found in ChatGPT?

ChatGPT comes with 175 billion parameters and is one of the most powerful language-processing AI models. ChatGPT is also one of the largest AI models all over the globe. 

4. What are the uses of ChatGPT?

 The use of ChatGPT is to develop suitable and consistent responses for a chatbot in a huge variety of contexts. From emails to attractive social media posts, ChatGPT can be used for everything. 

5. What are the charges associated with using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has come up with its premium version known as ChatGPT Plus. The price of the premium version is $20 per month. However, the free version will still be available to the user with limited accessibility.

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