How is BARD and ChatGPT Helping in AI Evolution?

How is BARD and ChatGPT Helping in AI Evolution? | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Emeritus

Artificial intelligence is being incorporated across different organisations to automate daily tasks and improve decision-making capabilities. AI-based chatbots have helped businesses to interact with customers and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Overall, it is helping organisations like retail, healthcare, finance and transportation to unlock their potential and work more efficiently.

Generative AI has recently been in tech headlines for quite some time. With the introduction of Chat GPT in November 2022 and now Google launching its AI-powered Chatbot BARD, conversations on AI have been dominating the tech world.

Unlike Chat GPT, which is already available to users and has hit 100 million users in 2 months, the BARD chatbot is only open to trusted testers and could be available to the public in the upcoming weeks.

What is BARD?

The BARD AI chatbot is an experimental conversational AI service that would provide fresh, high-quality responses to support creativity and curiosity. It will draw information from the web and combine the power of intelligence and creativity with large language models.

Being a lightweight and experimental version of LaMDA(Language Model for Dialogue Application), the BARD chatbot aims to make computation quick and easy.

Moreover, the testing phase would be about gathering inputs to improve the chatbot and set a high standard of quality and speed.

Source: Google

What Will Be the Format of the BARD AI

AI-powered features will appear in Google Search that would simplify the complex information in easier-to-digest formats to increase user engagement and learnings from the web. The BARD AI chatbot will provide insights for questions which do not have a definite answer. It will combine complex information and multiple perspectives to give a simple, quick and understandable response.

How To Use BARD AI Chatbot

To use the BARD AI chatbot if you are selected as a beta tester, simply open the Google app on your smartphone and touch on the chatbot symbol. Provide your prompt and press Enter, just like ChatGPT!

The chatbot can then respond to your questions or requests to begin a conversation. Google is also actively working to strengthen and expand the chatbot’s skills in order to offer fresh and intriguing ways to interact with information.


Chat GPT and BARD are both language-based conversational AI models. But a few key factors give BARD AI an edge over ChatGPT.

  • The BARD chatbot is powered by LaMDA, which is trained to understand natural language, while Chat GPT uses GPT 3.5.
  • Regarding data sources, the BARD AI chatbot can provide up-to-date and recent information as it will gather knowledge from the internet. Whereas Chat GPT’s knowledge is limited to events till 2021.
  • The BARD chatbot already has the edge over the Chat GPT chatbot as it can provide a more in-depth and wider range of information thanks to Google’s enormous data collection.
  • Chat GPT provides information basis text prompts while the BARD chatbot will provide answers in a more easy-to-understand format.

When Can Users Access BARD AI?

It is not yet clear when the BARD AI chatbot will be available to everyone, as it is still in the testing phase.

Currently, only Beta Testers have the BARD AI link for the purpose of testing. The BARD Chatbot is expected to set a “high bar for quality, safety and groundedness in real-world information”.

However, the BARD AI link will likely be integrated into Google search and users can access it by asking questions in the search bar.

Source: Google

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Future of Artificial Intelligence

The influence of AI-driven technologies across industries will further deepen in the near future. Hence, this is the ideal time for aspirants to explore the trends of the AI industry and learn about new opportunities.

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