Brand Marketing and Content Marketing: Meaning, Strategies, Different Concepts


Before delving into brand marketing and content marketing, let’s answer a simple question – what is marketing? It is the action of promoting and selling products and services, including advertising and market research using different tools and techniques across various channels.

Now, let’s move to brand marketing and content marketing. They are often misinterpreted as similar concepts. However, in reality, they are two different concepts. Brand marketing is a business function undertaken by brand managers to strengthen the market presence of a brand.

Meanwhile, content marketing is the blueprint of how content is used to support different brand strategies and spread brand awareness. In simpler words, brand marketing is the plan to strengthen the brand’s image, and content marketing is the tool to execute the plan. Continue reading to know more about content marketing and brand marketing.

How to Create a Brand with Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a popular business function that uses content combined with different promotional strategies to promote a product. It is used as a tool to communicate the brand value and ethos to its target audience. While creating a brand, research is the first and foremost function that a brand manager under

Understand the audience

A brand is an intangible concept that adds a recall value to a product or service. Building a successful brand takes a lot of effort and research. There is no universal guide to developing a successful brand; it’s always the ‘work in progress’. However, the right content strategy can get the audiences hooked. So, devise a strategy for branding the content that draws the attention of the audience. For this process to succeed, brand managers must conduct preliminary research and try to understand the needs and wants of their audience.

Create a content strategy

The next step in the brand development process is creating a content strategy that aligns with the customer’s needs and wants. To succeed in this stage, content strategists can also include expert product managers who are well aware of the audience’s needs and desires.
While creating a content strategy for a new brand, it is important to focus on the message. Try to give a touch of emotion to the content because emotional content transcends boundaries and barriers.

Choose the medium

Choosing the right medium for promotion is an imperative role that a content marketing executive should undertake. Depending on the type of content, the brand can choose a medium for content marketing from the below:

● Web page: Web pages are more accessible and comprehensive. It offers the content marketing team a chance to be creative with their subject matter.

● Blog posts: Blog posts are the most effective way to connect to your customers personally. You can also use this medium to share interesting brand anecdotes with your customers.

● Videos: Videos are another great type of content. However, it is expensive when compared to other mediums. Ideating the concept, shooting, and editing the video can be expensive and time-consuming.

Connecting digitally

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are good mediums to promote a new brand. You can concoct different content for the different social media platforms and share it on your brand page. It will help the content reach a larger audience. Social media is a valuable tool, therefore, use it wisely to leverage its maximum advantage to promote your brand. Reports state that social media and the world wide web have helped brands increase their sales.

Analyze the results

Monitoring your brand performance is an important function that should not be neglected. Analyzing the performance will help in understanding the effectiveness of content and different marketing strategies. It will allow you to understand your target customers, their likes, and dislikes.

Content is a crucial part of the success of a brand. So, concentrate on developing content that has a unique voice and matches the brand’s image. Now that you have understood content marketing and its role in building a brand, let’s dive deeper into different content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Strategy

Web content strategy

With the advancement in technology, a new avenue of promotion and advertising emerged- digital marketing. Web content strategy is a content strategy that will help in attracting traffic to your website. In this strategy, you need to upload blog pieces on your brand’s website regularly, which will bring prospective customers as well as individuals searching for related information to your website, helping increase engagement and traffic on the website.

Email marketing strategy

Email is emerging as a new form of communication between brands and their customers. Many brands send out a weekly newsletter to their loyal customers. Investing and developing plans to proliferate email marketing strategy will help brands attract new customers. Reports suggest that by 2025, emails will increase about 378.4 billion per day. So, join the bandwagon and reap the benefits of this novel and effective content marketing medium.

Video marketing strategy

Video marketing is a booming industry. According to social media today, an online portal, 93% of the customers make their buying decision based on video ads. Additionally, video marketing has proved to be an effective and powerful type of content.
In the succeeding section of the article, we will be delving deep into what is brand marketing and other related concepts. Here’s all about the popular business function.

What is Brand Marketing?

Promoting and advertising a product or service to highlight the brand’s characteristics is termed as brand marketing. It aims to align the business value, mission, vision, and belief with the brand. Though the importance of brand marketing is often overlooked due to different business functions, it is an important function that aligns the brand with the business. Read to know more about different concepts associated with brand marketing.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness measures the familiarity of the customers with the brand. It is a general term that is often used in brand marketing. Simply put, brand awareness describes how memorable and recognizable a brand is to its target audience. The process is a powerful marketing strategy that increases the inclination of customers towards a brand. It also encourages brand loyalty and trust.

Brand positioning

Brand positioning is defined by the special place a brand holds in the consumers’ cognition. Interestingly, brand positioning is the reason why customers prefer one brand over the other. Brand positioning creates a special bond between the customer and the brand – an intangible bond that reaps benefits in the long run.

Branding content

Branding content is the amalgamation of two concepts- brand strategy and content marketing. In this process, the organization adds value to the lives of its customers by producing content that intrigues them. It is not an advertising or marketing function but an attempt to drive customer engagement through valuable services.

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