How to Make a Career in Political Science

Many transformations lose significant value because of the wrong target setting. Therefore, it is imperative to predict the result before embarking on the journey. Similarly, while choosing a career path, it is significant to undertake a degree that helps in improving your career opportunities.
Suppose you want to build a career in political science; you must know the career opportunities that will come your way after completing a BA or MA in the respective field. Here are some political science career options that yield the best and quality work opportunities after completion.
It is believed that society lacks the political mechanism to intensify rapid societal changes. And a political science programme helps gain insight into the political mechanism, how current leaders acquire and maintain power, how a political movement is catapulted, sustained, and gained momentum, etc. Moreover, a political science degree lays a strong foundation and helps you learn quantitative skills such as data analytics and statistics.
Thus, if you are planning to make a career in political science, following these career options will help attract quality work opportunities.

List of Career Options in Political Science

Political science is a versatile degree that helps candidates pursue a career beyond politics or law. Here are some of the career options after a BA in political science; check out:

Civil services

Civil services are believed to be the most popular career path political science graduates pursue. It is because an undergraduate or postgraduate in political science lays a strong foundation that prepares you to tackle adversities and work efficiently in the public sector. Below are some of the job titles you can take after completing a BA or MA in political science; check out:

  • Government administrator
  • Customs officer
  • Government analyst

Moreover, a career in civil services helps bring positive change in society. Therefore, after completing your BA or MA in political science, you can appear for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and become an Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), or Indian Police Service (IPS).

Social media manager

With their extraordinary and diverse social media skills and business acumen, social media managers add expertise and deep knowledge to every social media strategy. And their expertise and deep knowledge are tactfully used in many political campaigns to elevate the results. Therefore, the scope for political science graduates as social media managers is more than a few years ago.

Moreover, it is one of the highest-paying social media-related jobs in the country. Here are some of the duties of a social media manager that remain the same in every organization; learning about it will help in being efficient; check them out:

  • Driving engagement on the company’s social media page
  • Analyzing customer interaction with the brand and communicating the same with the stakeholders
  • Monitoring and posting social media posts to increase awareness and engagement

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You can pursue journalism or media studies after completing a BA in political science. After doing an integrated (BA political science and PG journalism) course, many career opportunities will come your way. Many Indian universities and colleges offer both courses.
Moreover, a trained and learned political journalist has profound knowledge and expertise in political science and media alike, which helps in giving them a competitive advantage. Therefore, you can consider undertaking integrated (political science and journalism) courses if you want to make a career in media.

Intelligence analyst

Most intelligence analysts are believed to be majors in political science or international relations. That’s why intelligence analysts play a vital role in organizations. Moreover, with their expertise and knowledge, they turn the data into smart, intelligent, and insightful actions that can be used to incite growth and gain a competitive advantage.
Whether a private or a public organization, intelligence analysts play an important role by providing their expertise and vast knowledge of political science to understand different levels or parameters to bring a positive change in society. They also work towards ascertaining threats, challenges, and difficulties society faces.
Moreover, many universities and colleges offer intelligence analyst courses that will help grab quality work opportunities.

Political campaign staff

Political campaign staff and social media managers perform similar functions in a political campaign or organization. The only difference is that the former uses offline and archaic techniques to increase awareness. Below are some of the roles and responsibilities of political campaign staff.

  • Prepare press releases
  • Draft speeches for clients
  • Design, execute, and monitor political campaigns and rallies
  • Analyze the current political environment and make strategies corresponding to it
  • Organize a fundraiser or other PR-generating events to create a positive image for their client

It is believed that the demand for political campaign staff is substantially increasing. Similarly, the demand for other political science jobs like marketing research analyst, legislative assistant, policy analyst, and lawyer is also increasing. Therefore, if you plan to make a prosperous political science career, choose one of the above-mentioned career options. It will help you build a rewarding future.

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