Ultimate Guide to a Successful Career in Cybersecurity

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Career in Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity | Emeritus

The world is increasingly turning virtual. And with this digital world come cyberattacks. Every day, we come across news of some kind of cyberattack or data breach. Moreover, as technology has become more intertwined with our daily lives, there is a higher need for skilled cybersecurity professionals who can ensure that these attacks do not happen.

Cybersecurity is therefore a booming career option today with a number of different jobs available in this domain. Pursuing a career in cybersecurity ensures that there are more opportunities for people to follow their interests in information security. Apart from entry-level cybersecurity jobs, there are other cybersecurity career paths that one can consider. In this blog, we will talk about what a career in cybersecurity entails and what kind of cybersecurity career paths one can choose from.

Cybersecurity Career Paths

A career in cybersecurity can vary from an entry-level to an executive management role in the domain. From the many cybersecurity career paths and jobs available today, it would be a good idea to start with an entry-level cybersecurity job and then move on to more experienced roles. Additionally, for becoming an efficient cybersecurity professional, it is essential to possess a few skills such as problem-solving skills, communication skills, knowledge of security across various platforms, etc.

Now, let’s move on to understanding different cyber security jobs and career paths. In the following section, we’ll discuss the five cybersecurity career paths one can choose from.

Network Engineer

Network engineers install, configure, and support network equipment apart from configuring firewalls, switches, and routers. These entry-level cybersecurity jobs can help you on the way to becoming an ethical hacker. If you are someone looking for a career in cybersecurity, this could be your starting point.

Information Security Analyst

In this position, a person is responsible for protecting sensitive information, and formulating and executing plans for stopping cyberattacks.

Ethical Hacker

Also known as penetration testers, ethical hackers are network security consultants. They identify and exploit system vulnerabilities, apart from other things.

Security Architect

A security architect is another career option in cybersecurity. It is one of those cybersecurity career paths wherein the person researches and proposes the security elements for an organization.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Besides entry-level cybersecurity jobs, there are senior-level cybersecurity jobs too. One such career option in cybersecurity is that of a CISO who develops, implements, and maintains information security and risk management programs.

Getting Started: Entry-Level Cybersecurity Jobs

If you are aiming to begin a career in cybersecurity, entry-level cybersecurity job can be a misnomer. In some organizations, entry-level cybersecurity jobs require a bachelor’s degree plus up to three years of relevant work experience. Therefore, people usually enter this field with vast knowledge and some practical experience.
Some common entry-level cybersecurity jobs include information security analyst, information security specialist, etc. As information security analyst is one of the must-consider cybersecurity career paths today, let’s take a look at the career scope of an information security analyst.

Career Paths for an Information Security Analyst

Engineering and architecture

A career in cybersecurity helps engineers use their knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities for building and implementing defence systems.

Incident response

An incident responder monitors the company’s network to fix vulnerabilities and minimize loss due to breaches.

Management and administration

Cybersecurity managers oversee the network and computer security systems in an organization. They manage security teams, coordinate between them, and ensure compliance with security.


A career in cybersecurity as a consultant will enable you to test computer and network systems for any vulnerabilities or security risks.

Testing and hacking

This career in cybersecurity is a part of offensive security wherein you play the part of the intruder and figure out vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

Cybersecurity Salaries by Role

Salary in cybersecurity largely depends on the skills of the professional. If you want to get a reasonably high cybersecurity salary, it is advisable to undertake an offline or online cybersecurity course or wait for years for an equivalent experience. Let’s skim through the average cybersecurity salary by role.

Intrusion detection specialist: $61,053

Junior cybersecurity analyst: $67,070

Digital forensic examiner: $75,265

IT security administrator: $75,007

Incident response analyst: $75,859

Cybersecurity consultant: $93,805

Information security analyst: $99,275

Ethical hacker: $101,165

Penetration tester: $102,405

Security engineer: $111,691

Cybersecurity manager: $132,180

Security architect: $153,751

Chief information security officer: $170,928

Launch Your Career in Cybersecurity

In order to pursue a career in cybersecurity and flourish in it, we highly recommend you undertake a cybersecurity course from a reputable institution.

Emeritus India offers various in-person and online courses in collaboration with world-class universities and institutes such as ISB Executive Education, IIT, IIM and others which can help you land your dream. It wouldn’t be wise to miss this golden opportunity of accelerating your career in a short span of time. Take the first step by signing up for one of the cybersecurity courses today.

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