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Everyone has personal strengths that enhance their ability to perform complicated tasks effectively. They play an important role in face-to-face interview rounds as they help showcase the unique personality traits that make you an ideal candidate for the job.

In this article, we will identify the role played by personal strengths during an interview and suggest ways to find them and integrate them into common interview questions.

How To Identify Your Personal Strengths?

There are various methods to identify personal strengths, and each has its unique way. Here are a few known ways to identify your personal strengths.


Introspecting the feedback you received from your peers or seniors over the years can help you understand a lot. It can give you an idea of the skills or personality traits that have received a positive response in the past, so you can work on honing them and including them in your interview answers.

Take an online quiz

Many colleges or universities offering placement opportunities conduct personality quizzes or aptitude tests to help students identify their strengths. Taking them is one of the best ways to understand one’s strengths.

As for experienced professionals, you can resort to online quizzes or skill tests. These tests have umpteen questions that help a candidate realise their strength by the end of it.

Evaluate your hobbies

Identifying the activities that pique your interest during free time or that can come naturally to you is one of the best ways to understand your greatest strength. Aligning them with professional qualities or skills required to excel in your field reduces the time between the job interview and the offer.

Emulate the qualities of your role model

Think of the skills or unique personality traits your role model possesses. In addition to that, look at how these traits have catapulted their career. This will help you draw similar references and virtues that brought success to them and ponder upon them to have the same career trajectory.

The next part will suggest a few actions that will reduce the time between the interview and job offer.

Why Is Identifying Personal Strengths Essential?

If you are someone who frantically searches “how to prepare for an interview?”, it is important to know that there are a few steps that you must do as a part of the interview preparation. And identifying personal strengths is among them. Meanwhile, reviewing skills, qualities, and educational qualifications are other essential steps every candidate must undertake.

You might have read the phrase ‘play with your strengths’ on billboards or T-shirts. However, what does that mean? It is a phrase that highlights the power of playing with your strengths to grab an opportunity. Therefore, one of the main reasons to identify your strength is to integrate them into common hr interview questions and enhance your chances of getting a job offer.

In addition to that, it empowers you to give refined and nuanced answers in the interview round, giving you a competitive edge.

In the last part of the article, we will illustrate examples of how to integrate your personal strengths into common interview questions.

How To Integrate Your Strengths Into Common Interview Questions?

Here are a few tips that help in effectively integrating personal strengths into common interview questions, which have been listed below.

How would you introduce yourself?

While answering this question, discuss the qualities and skills you might have skipped from the resume. Moreover, perceive this question as an opportunity to provide a sneak peek into your strengths. Remember to highlight your strength by demonstrating real-life incidents that tested your capabilities.

What are your biggest strengths?

Surprisingly, many people find it hard to list their strengths during the interview. It becomes challenging for them to talk about their capabilities confidently. However, you can overcome that by constantly practising this question publicly, with your friends or family.

What are your most significant weaknesses?

While answering this question, don’t directly state your weaknesses. Instead, share instances of overcoming your biggest weakness by putting in constant and proper efforts. Narrate a story that highlights your perseverance and resilience as a professional.

How would you handle an internal conflict?

This is a perfect question to highlight your strengths to the interviewer. Like the previous question, frame your answer with an incident from your previous work that you solved with your efforts and skills.

Why should we hire you for this internship or job?

This question is mainly asked at the end of the interview to understand if the candidate is fit for the job or internship. While answering why should we hire you for this internship, align your strengths with the job description. It will increase your chances of bagging that opportunity.

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