How Does Digital Marketing Work and Why Is It Important for Online Visibility?

How Does Digital Marketing Work and Why Is It Important for Online Visibility? | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Given that India’s digital advertising and marketing market is expected to reach $21 bn by 2028, it’s hardly surprising to note that digital marketing has become vital for online visibility and brand awareness. An important reason for this is that the target audience mostly spends their time online. It is, therefore, not hard to imagine how significant basic digital marketing knowledge can be to help you build a stable career with a high earning potential. Scroll through this article to explore some basic details about digital marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Basic Digital Marketing for Businesses?

The primary advantages of digital marketing are as follows:

Global and Local Reach

Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing isn’t restricted by geographical barriers. Digital marketing ensures that even a small business can reach a large global audience with ease. Global reach and visibility can bring huge opportunities for all businesses.

While global reach is advantageous, local visibility is also essential, especially if your business is dependent on local customers. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and targeted ads are perfect for companies looking to expand their local presence. A local digital marketing campaign would be much more effective than the traditional methods of distributing flyers across the neighborhood.

Low Cost

Basic digital marketing knowledge can help you develop cost-effective strategies for promoting your business locally or globally. It enables small companies to fight against large corporations with the help of highly targeted strategies. Most marketing campaigns can be started with minimal capital resources.

Higher Engagement

Basic digital marketing knowledge can lead to increased engagement. Your target audience can like a blog post, comment on your photos, save a video, or engage with your website via paid ad clicks. Since all of this can be measured easily, you will be able to make more engaging posts to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Analytics and Optimization

You will be able to measure the outcome of your digital marketing campaign in real time. It can help you better optimize future mistakes and fix errors in existing campaigns. Analyzing digital marketing campaigns will let you take full control of your sales funnel by helping you identify every source of traffic.

What Are the Different Types of Digital Marketing Channels?

Some of the most prevalent types of digital marketing channels are as follows:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a basic digital marketing strategy that revolves around ensuring your website ranks high on search engines like Google, Bing, and more. Have you ever clicked on the second page of a Google search result? No, right? That’s the exact reason why you need a solid SEO strategy.

SEO will enhance your visibility online by making you rank high on search engine results. This, in turn, will lead to increased traffic and activity on your website. SEO practices include adding relevant keywords, managing links, and more to help your content in the unpaid, organic search lists.

2. Social Media Marketing

This form of marketing is one of the strongest Internet marketing channels, thanks to platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media enables brands to promote themselves effectively by producing engaging content. Since users get to see content based on their likes and interests, the one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable for social media marketing. Social media can also help brands engage with customers by answering their queries.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a more personal way of connecting with the target audience. Your emails can include anything, from exclusive “insider” content to special discounts for customers. Email marketing can boost sales and conversion while also increasing the brand loyalty of your customers.

4. Video Advertising

This kind of advertising is used by 86% of businesses because of its interactive and entertaining channels. They can be played before, after, or during a video stream. Moreover, after the ad, viewers usually get to see a call to action, which cannot be done with television advertising.

How Does SEO Work and Why Is It Important for Online Visibility?

Your traffic will increase when your website is better on both the front and back ends. And to achieve that, basic digital marketing knowledge and SEO tactics play an integral role, as they help raise your website ranking on search engines. It is therefore important to consider the SEO elements that make this happen:

1# Keyword Analysis: The most obvious way that SEO works is through keyword analysis. Potential customers will use certain words or phrases to look for the product or service you offer. If your content contains relevant words and phrases, search engines will make your website rank higher. You must carefully research keywords and incorporate them into your content strategically.

2# Backlink Building: Another important element influenced by SEO is backlinks, which link to high-quality and authoritative websites. When you add backlinks from authoritative sources, search engines consider your content to be legitimate. This reflects in the high ranking of your website content on search results. Therefore, adding backlinks can increase the visibility of your website and lead to increased traffic.

3# Content Creation: Content is crucial for communicating with your existing and potential customers. Basic digital marketing knowledge can help you experiment with content such as blogs, videos, social media posts, newsletters, podcasts, and more to tell your audience who you are and what you offer. As long as your content isn’t relevant to Internet users, search engines won’t rank you on top. Therefore, developing content according to the preferences of your target audience will lead to greater visibility and increased traffic. And SEO-aligned content is one way to do this.

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Why Is Social Media Important in Digital Marketing and How Can It Be Utilized?

Indians use social media on a daily basis for an average of 2.36 hours. Due to widespread internet access among the populace, India will have 467 million more social media users in 2023 than in 2018. It, therefore, makes sense to leverage social media platforms as marketing channels to connect with your audience. To make the most of this, brands must post relevant content on social media platforms according to the demographics, age, hobbies, and preferences of their target audience.

Social media is also the best place to interact with your online users. Whether it’s replying to customers or joining live sessions, social media can help brands develop closer relationships with their target audience. Basic digital marketing knowledge can also help businesses launch various social media campaigns for online reputation management to improve the perception of their brand.

How Can Businesses Measure the Success of Their Digital Marketing Efforts?

Some of the most valuable metrics to determine the success of your digital marketing efforts are as follows:

  • Traffic by Source: This metric is useful for determining where your website’s traffic is coming from
  • Average Session Duration: It reflects the amount of time an average visitor spends on your website
  • Conversion Rate: It helps you calculate the number of people who convert after visiting your website. You can track conversions in terms of sales, subscriptions, downloads, sign-ups, and more

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