Know the Top 10 High-Salary Jobs in Science for a 6-Figure Salary

Know the Top 10 High-Salary Jobs in Science for a 6-Figure Salary | Career | Emeritus

According to the India Skills Report 2024, the future of the Indian workforce is highly focused on tech skills. These skills include Machine Learning (ML), programming, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, networking, and critical thinking. Learning most of these skills requires a background in science. Therefore, science is a lucrative career for modern professionals. Let’s see the high-salary jobs in science stream to seek better career opportunities.

What are the Top 10 High-Salary Jobs in Science Stream?

1. AI Programmer

A report by ServiceNow suggests that AI and automation will create 16.2 million jobs in India by 2027. One of the top job roles in this field is AI programmer. They develop advanced custom software applications for businesses to collect and process data for machine learning models or immersive video games. Additionally, they update AI software applications regularly to ensure quality performance.

Therefore, the most important skills you need to become an AI programmer are programming, statistics, applied mathematics, creativity, and innovation. 

Average Annual Salary: ₹2.716,598 

2. IoT Solutions Architect

This is one of the most popular and high-salary jobs in science stream for tech enthusiasts. IoT solutions architects are responsible for designing, developing, and deploying end-to-end IoT solutions and infrastructure for businesses. These solutions include data collection sensors, and asset tracking and inventory management sensors. 

The most important skills for this role are IoT design thinking and architecture, programming, cloud computing, and data management.

Average Annual Salary: ₹2,600,000

3. Blockchain Architect 

The government released the National Blockchain Strategy that strongly indicates that the Indian blockchain industry is likely to boom in the next few years. Therefore, the demand for blockchain architects will increase, making it one of the high-salary jobs in science stream that professionals should pursue. 

Block architects design and develop blockchain solutions and smart contracts for businesses. This role requires knowledge of cryptography, programming, distributed systems, and decentralized applications.

Average Annual Salary: ₹2,271,246 

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4. Database Architect

This is another high-paying job that requires a science background. The main role of a database architect is to build scalable and efficient database systems organizations. These systems enable companies to leverage data insights for strategic decision-making.

Moreover, they analyze business requirements and build data models according to business requirements. The top skills you need to become a database architect are data modeling, data mining, database administration, and machine learning.

Average Annual Salary: ₹2,183,376

5. Cloud-Solutions Architect 

According to a report by EY, 80% of Indian organizations have implemented cloud solutions. This makes it evident that India is undergoing a cloud revolution, leading to a surge in cloud-solutions architect jobs. 

This role primarily entails designing and implementing cloud solutions to the existing IT infrastructure. Moreover, they plan a cloud strategy and monitor cloud servers and network infrastructure.

Average Annual Salary: ₹2,100,000

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6. Data Scientist

This is one of the most popular science careers with 6-figure salary potential. Data scientists are experts in analyzing complicated data to solve business problems. They use data mining techniques to extract data from various sources and convert raw and unstructured data into structured formats. Moreover, they also assist in training machine learning algorithms for data collection and processing.

Now that more Indian organizations are adopting digital technologies to leverage data, the need for skilled data scientists will increase. Therefore, professionals can build a career in this field to get high-income jobs in science.

Average Annual Salary: ₹1,230,000

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7. Machine Learning Engineer

The India Skills Report 2024 also states that machine learning and NLP are the fastest-growing skills in India. Moreover, there will be a 70% increase in demand for machine learning engineers in India by 2026. High demand is likely to create better opportunities. Therefore, machine learning engineering is among the high-salary jobs in science stream. 

Machine learning engineers design and build AI and ML systems, algorithms, or models to automate complex human processes. Moreover, they also conduct statistical analysis to improve the performance and efficiency of AI and ML models.

Data mining, visualizing, deep learning, and search indexing are the top skills for machine learning engineers. Some companies that offer high-salary jobs in science for machine learning are Adobe, Siemens, MasterCard, Infosys, and Tata Consultancy Services.

Average Annual Salary: ₹1,200,000

8. Aerospace Engineer

India is emerging as a global aerospace leader, making aerospace engineering one of the most lucrative science-stream careers.

Aerospace engineers design, manufacture, and test aircraft for the defense sector or the aviation sector. They also apply engineering principles and environmental regulations for designing and manufacturing. Additionally, aerospace engineers also design and manufacture spacecraft. 

The key skills for this role are aircraft design and development, systems engineering and integration, and flight mechanics and control systems. Aeronautical engineers can apply to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Infosys, and Airbus to get high-salary jobs in science.

Average Annual Salary: ₹1,137,500

9. Medical Scientist

If you have an interest in both medicine and research, you can pursue a career in medical science. 

The requirement for skilled medical scientists has increased after the pandemic. Moreover, both the government and non-governmental organizations, as well as many big companies such as ITC and Reliance, promote investment in medical science and health care. Therefore, medical science counts as one of the most lucrative science stream careers. Consequently, medical scientist ranks among the high-salary jobs in science stream.

The responsibilities of a medical scientist include planning, designing, and conducting studies related to human diseases, as well as conducting clinical trials. Moreover, they also assist in framing policies related to health care.

The top skills for this role are the know-how of laboratory processes and techniques, clinical research, analytical thinking, and preparing scientific reports and research papers.

Average Annual Salary: ₹1,008,532

10. Big Data Engineer

Big data is one of the most useful assets for organizations. Therefore, they need skilled professionals to analyze such data and give valuable business insights. Hence, big data engineering has emerged as one of the high-salary jobs in science stream for professionals with up to three to four years of experience. 

A big data engineer develops software or systems to collect, process, visualize, and analyze big data collected from IoT, streaming, and other devices. Moreover, they also prepare a data pipeline to facilitate real-time data insights. This job requires skills like data cloud computing, data visualization, SQL, automation, and programming. 

Some top industries that hire for big data engineering roles are health care, fintech, media and entertainment, and marketing. 

Average Annual Salary: ₹853,257

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Frequently Asked Questions About High-Salary Jobs in Science Stream

1. How Can I Earn a 6-Figure Salary in the Science Stream?

Earning a high-salary job in science is easier than in other fields because of the rapid growth in demand for engineers and scientists across different industries. However, you need the right skill set and practical experience to reach a 6-figure salary. To do so, professionals can pursue online technology courses, work on open-source projects to build a portfolio, read research papers, do internships, and attend conferences to enhance their skills. Some companies offering top-paying jobs in the science stream in India are Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, Walmart, and EY.

2. What Career Options in the Science Field Offer a High Income?

Engineering, machine learning, data science, research science, aerospace engineering, and biotechnology are some top-paying jobs in the science stream that can get you career growth as well as high income. 

3. What Qualifications are Required for High-Paying Science Stream Jobs?

The key to securing high-income jobs in science is to gain an advanced skill set for the particular domain you are interested in. Now, most companies look for skills and practical experience over academic qualifications. However, a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science, or any other related field is often mandatory.

4. Are There Specific Industries Within the Science Field That Offer High Salaries?

Yes, industries like healthtech, fintech, manufacturing, retail, cybersecurity, and pharmaceutical offer science careers with a 6-figure salary.

Science has consistently been one of India’s fastest-growing industries. However, the traditional science roles have evolved over the years. Now, most lucrative science stream careers require the know-how of AI, ML, IoT, and exceptional programming and coding skills. All these fields require technical skills and practical training. You can explore Emeritus’ online IT courses to learn relevant skills and get high-salary jobs in science stream

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