How to Improve Collaboration Skills in 2024 With Board Games

How to Improve Collaboration Skills in 2024 With Board Games | Career | Emeritus

Innovation and efficiency are the two top priorities for most organizations because of intense market competition. However, making sure they are, in fact, a priority is possible only when the entire team is on the same page and can collaborate to achieve business goals. Hence, collaboration is one of the most in-demand skills. This blog post explains in detail why collaboration skill is important for professional growth and recommends the top five board games to improve teamwork and communication skills. What could be a more enjoyable way of learning?

Why is Collaboration Considered the Hottest Skill for 2024?

According to Aneesh Raman, LinkedIn VP, people skills are crucial for professionals to advance their careers. This includes collaboration among team members as one of the hottest skills.

Collaboration improves team productivity and efficiency. It also enables brainstorming, group discussions, new perspectives, and the exchange of ideas, which increases innovation. Moreover, better team collaboration streamlines workflows and processes and helps in better resource allocation, thus reducing overall costs.

Seamless collaboration also makes strategic decision-making easier for organizations because all stakeholders are involved. Ultimately, efficient team collaboration increases business agility and offers a competitive advantage. Therefore, many organizations are gradually focusing on hiring professionals with collaboration skills.

How Can Board Games Help in Honing Collaboration Skills?

Improving team collaboration requires personal interaction and employee engagement. Therefore, playing board games is one of the best ways to improve one’s collaboration skill across different teams. Let’s see how board games help:

  • They improve team interaction and bonding as members work together, prepare strategies, coordinate, and suggest ideas to win
  • Board games are also excellent for problem-solving and critical thinking skills as team members work collectively to overcome obstacles
  • Conflict resolution is another significant way in which board games improve collaboration. They require team members to amicably resolve disputes and find the most suitable solution. Therefore, it helps professionals enhance teamwork
  • Board games also allow team members to transfer their skills to one another, facilitating goal achievement

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What are Some Effective Board Games for Improving Teamwork and Communication?

Now that you know how board games help improve collaboration skill, here are the top five board games for professional development.

1. Pandemic 

Despite the fact that this reminds us of years best forgotten, this game is a great training ground for collaboration. The premise is that several diseases are spread worldwide and players work together on a mission to eliminate the diseases. The deck of cards helps professionals take on different roles and carry out different capabilities. Teams need to find specific cards that contain the cure for different diseases. The cards have to be found before the diseases spread too far.

2. Codenames

Codenames is among the most popular board games for learning teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. In this game, there are two spymasters, one from each team, and 25 agents with specific codenames. The spymasters have to identify the agents of their team with the help of codenames and clues given in the cards. However, spymasters have to do this without revealing the assassin.

3. Scattergories

This is one of the most traditional, simple, and engaging games for a professional setup. All the players have to fill out a category list starting with the same letter. They have to add unique words to score higher and win the game.

4. Escape Room 

Escape Room is a fun and challenging board game for teams. It has different categories and levels. However, in the original category, the players must solve puzzles in a limited time to escape from a locked room. This game improves team problem-solving skills as players work together to find clues.

5. Dixit

This game is ideal for fun and engaging conversations. Each player has to pick a card and speak a sentence based on the prompt given in the card. The other players choose the most suitable card according to that sentence and give it to the storyteller. The storyteller then shuffles the card and each player has to guess which card belongs to the storyteller.

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How Can Young Professionals Integrate Collaboration Skills Into Their Daily Work?

Here are a few tips for collaboration skills development and career advancement in a professional setup:

1. Seeking Opportunities Actively 

Taking initiative and seeking opportunities to contribute to new or existing projects is an excellent way to collaborate with team members. It also shows a willingness and drive to learn new things, thus enhancing professional growth.

2. Clear Communication 

Collaboration involves brainstorming and exchanging ideas. Professionals collaborate effectively when they can clearly communicate their thoughts and ideas. Hence, professionals must first focus on clear communication to learn collaboration skill.

3. Participating in Team Meetings

Another way to integrate collaboration skill in everyday professional setups is to participate in team meetings or group discussions and help teams find suitable business solutions. You can also volunteer to assist or help leaders or other team members.

4. Use Collaboration Tools 

One of the best ways to collaborate easily on a daily basis is by using collaboration tools such as Google Docs for real-time collaboration or whiteboards for brainstorming.

What are the Benefits of Mastering Collaboration in a Professional Setting? salary1. Increases Productivity 

Mastering collaboration at workplaces is an excellent way to increase productivity. Members can work together and complete tasks based on their skill set and discuss interesting ideas for business growth.

2. Enhances Leadership Skills

Collaboration skills development makes it easier for professionals to adapt to different ideas and working styles and understand their team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Professionals also become aware of how to deal with their team. Therefore, better collaboration helps professionals improve their leadership skills.

3. Improves Conflict Resolution Skills

Collaborating with team members involves understanding and valuing their ideas, perspectives, and opinions. This helps professionals become more receptive to feedback and different views, thus helping them resolve conflicts amicably.

4. Enhances Problem-Solving 

One of the most interesting benefits of efficient collaboration at the workplace is quick and strategic problem-solving. Since every member has a different viewpoint, teams can look at problems from different angles. Moreover, diverse experiences and skill sets are beneficial in problem-solving.

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Since industries are changing rapidly and many skills are being replaced, the demand for transferable skills, especially soft skills such as collaboration, leadership, and communication, is increasing. Organizations need employees with collaboration skills, adaptability, and flexibility to improve productivity and navigate through uncertainties. Hence, you must learn soft skills for career advancement. Emeritus’ online courses can help you learn soft skills for professional development!

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