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An interview consists of a lot of questions. Some are technical, while others are personal. Amidst the huge list of questions, there’s one that really tests candidates – tell me about yourself. It is a common interview question asked during a preliminary screening (phone call), during the HR interview round, or while sitting with the manager to discuss the job role and salary details.
Now, while this question seems harmless, how you answer it defines who you are. Many candidates wonder and yearn to know how to answer tell me about yourself.
Below, we will discuss points to describe yourself to the hiring manager.

How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself?

It looks like a straightforward question, but it’s not what you think. This question is often repeated because it helps the interviewer understand the candidates better. It helps them know how you work, what skills you possess, how adaptable and flexible are you to changes and more. Therefore, while answering this common question asked during the interview, it is imperative to have a road map or clear idea of what to include and what to avoid.

Below, we have mentioned things you must include while describing yourself in the interview, have a look at them:

Showcase Relevant skills

Companies look at employing candidates with the right mix of soft and hard skills. While there are many roles like marketing manager, sales executive, or others that require the candidates to have strong soft skills, there are titles like machine learning engineer, data science, and others that want the candidates to have strong technical skills. So, before applying for the job, it is essential to understand the right mix of soft and hard skills required for the job you are applying for. In addition, it helps tailor your answers to match the hiring managers’ expectations.

Present Examples of Work

Rather than saying, ‘I’m a team player,’ stating examples or sharing instances of how you worked in collaboration with your team to achieve desired results increases your chances of landing the job. Moreover, it helps in quantifying your skills and work experience.

Keep your Answers Simple and Short

The main aim of an HR interview round is to understand the candidate better and evaluate them to know if they fit into the organization. Therefore, while describing yourself, keep your answer simple and short. The key is providing enough information to pique the interviewer’s interest.

Rehearse your Answers

Rather than wondering how to answer the tell me about yourself question, you must dedicate time to developing your interpersonal and interview skills. You can start by drafting a script that defines the points you will include in your answer. Then, you can pen down your answers to some other common interview questions like:

  • What do you know about our company?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • What differentiates you from other candidates?
  • How do you keep yourself organized?
  • What do you do in your spare time?

So if you are wondering how to prepare for an interview or how to introduce yourself in the interview, practising is a great way to do that.

Avoid talking a lot about your personal life

The hiring manager wants to know about your professional life. So, avoid mentioning personal details, apart from those supporting your professional story. For example, the interviewer does not want to know about your friends and what they do, where you hang out, etc. So, remember to exclude these points while describing yourself in the interview.
The crux of finding the answer to how to answer the tell me about yourself question is to find the right way to sell yourself to the hiring manager.
Also, the more you do or know, the more you can present in an interview. This means that the more you develop yourself, the easier it becomes to answer who you are. You can explain your professional achievements, experiences and learnings.

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