How to Become a Tableau Developer – A Complete Guide

How to Become a Tableau Developer – A Complete Guide | Data Science | Emeritus

Choosing a career as a tableau developer is a good choice. With the advent of technology and its usage, a massive amount of data is generated worldwide. Also, new data sources are getting discovered every day. Thus, business analytics look for data visualisation software for analysing and visualising data trends to make quick decisions.
Tableau is the fastest-growing and widely accepted data visualisation tool among the various business intelligence tools. It focuses on learning data and applying its potential for deriving valuable business insights to improve the business’s overall performance.
Keep reading to learn more about the role, responsibilities and skills required to become a tableau developer.

What is the Role of a Tableau Developer?

A tableau developer works on different data types and creates a visual (pie chart, bar chart, etc.) representation of the data that is easily understood and applied for decision-making.
A tableau developer needs to understand the various data sources, their formats and how to clean the data and create a visualisation using different parameters and filters.

Responsibilities of a Tableau Developer

The common tableau developer responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the exact requirements of the consumer.
  • Building and modifying technical solutions to solve different business problems.
  • Work with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools to preserve data within the organisation.
  • Conducting unit tests to examine, analyse and troubleshoot issues.
  • Connecting with teams within the organisation to evaluate and develop new methods for system improvement.

Skills Required to become a Tableau Developer

The array of hard and soft skills that a tableau developer should possess for the successful implementation of the above-listed responsibilities are:

  • Excellent analytical skills to interpret business requirements and predict solutions.
  • Creative and innovative enough to locate errors in data sets and codes and come up with innovative solutions that would enhance business operations.
  • Excellent communication skills for the effective transfer of data and information.
  • Forecasting skills to predict business insights using past and present data for more profitable decisions.
  • Proficient in working with excel, data analysis tools (OLAP, ETL Frameworks, etc.) and structured query languages.

Career as a Tableau Developer

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or related data analytics domain is common among tableau developers. Although you can even opt for data science courses to develop technical, programming and database design skills.

In addition to the skills and understanding, working knowledge of Tableau-based software is of added benefit. With experience in data visualisation software, structured query language, and several tableau products you can drive into a successful tableau developer career.

In an organisation, tableau developers work closely with business analysts, subject matter experts (SMEs) and data analytics teams who specialise in designing Tableau dashboards. Tableau developer is generally a mid-level role in the company’s hierarchy.

In India, the tableau developers’ salary range is between ₹ 4- ₹ 10 Lakhs. The annual average salary is around ₹ 6 Lakhs. This is an estimated number, and the salary varies as per the company, job role, skills, and expertise of an individual.

Scope of a Tableau Developer

An enormous amount of data is being generated yearly; hence, the demand for tableau developers is also increasing. Another reason for the widespread use of tableau is its wide range of connectivity options. Tableau can link to any type of data, be it spreadsheets, databases, or big data. Access to warehouses, cloud applications (Salesforce) and cloud databases (Amazon Redshift) are even possible with tableau.

Tableau developers in an organisation also work as business analysts, business intelligence developers, business intelligence managers, tableau consultants, and information analysts. They are hired by various companies, including KPMG, Dell, Verizon, Facebook, Sony Electronics, General Motors, etc. A career as a tableau developer also leads to data science opportunities.

To advance and build a lucrative career as a tableau developer, you need to build mathematical, statistical, Python, R programming, cloud data storage, and fundamental data management skills. To help you upskill, Emeritus India offers different certified courses on data science and data analytics in alliance with universities like IIM, IIT and ISB.

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