How to Increase the HRBP Salary in India: Know 3 Best Tips

How to Increase the HRBP Salary in India: Know 3 Best Tips | Human Resource Management | Emeritus

The changing workforce perspectives and talent requirements of organizations have transformed HR jobs from administrative to strategic roles. HR professionals now leverage technology to develop strategies and workplace programs for talent reskilling, upskilling, and retention, establishing the organization’s culture, driving leadership, and building an agile workforce. Moreover, they facilitate operational efficiency and organizational development and help achieve business goals. Therefore, HR leaders act as business enablers and are referred to as Human Resources Business Partners (HRBP), leading to a high HR business partner pay scale. This blog post discusses HRBP role and responsibilities, HRBP salary, and HRBP salary trends.

What is HRBP and What are HRBP Roles and Responsibilities?

The HRBP full form is Human Resources Business Partner. They enable cooperation between HR and business operations by gaining business insights and aligning HR activities with business requirements. The HRBP role primarily involves talent management, strategic and data-driven decision-making, and empowering leaders. Their responsibilities include:

  • Talent recruitment, upskilling, retention, and performance management
  • Preparing HR strategies by collaborating with business leaders to understand business challenges and requirements 
  • Planning and implementing HR programs to improve employee relations
  • Ensuring compliance with labor laws
  • Resolving employee conflicts by acting as mediators between employees and management
  • Leveraging data and technology to tackle workforce challenges and improve operational efficiency

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What Factors Influence the HRBP Salary Range in India?

Human Resource Management

Now that you know the HRBP full form and the main responsibilities that this role entails, let’s see the salary trends. According to PayScale, the average HRBP salary in India is ₹926,553. The HRBP salary range is ₹600,000–₹15,00,000. However, the exact HRBP salary for a candidate depends on the following factors:

1. Post Qualification Experience (PQE)

The average annual HRBP salary for entry-level professionals is ₹508,682. Mid-career professionals earn ₹961,871 average annual salary. Moreover, the human resources business partner pay scale for experienced professionals is ₹1,455,935 per year. 

2. Skill Set

Skill is the most important factor in determining HRBP salary. The top-paying skills are human resources, performance management, employee relations, business strategy, organizational development, and benefits and compensation. The average annual HRBP salary India is ₹1,624,118 for organizational development skills, ₹1,793,928 for business strategy skills, and ₹1,256,360 for employee relations. 

3. Qualifications

Educational qualifications also impact HRBP salaries. An MBA in HR or skill-based courses can help get a higher salary. 

4. Organization

The HRBP salary range also varies depending on the organization. Larger companies, for instance, pay higher salaries to HR leaders. The average annual salary for HRBP professionals is 1,057,503 in Wipro, 1,200,000 in Bharti Airtel, and 1,470,000 in Amazon.  

5. Location

HRBP salaries in India also depend on the city in which one is located. For example, the average annual HRBP salary in Bengaluru is ₹1,012,780. On the other hand, in New Delhi, the average salary is ₹955,885 per year. Moreover, professionals in a smaller city such as Pune earn an average salary of ₹896,416 per year. 

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How Can HR Professionals Negotiate Higher HRBP Salary as an HRBP in India?

Here are a few tips for HR professionals to negotiate better HRBP salary:

1. Showcase Leadership Skills and Business Acumen

Highlighting business acumen, leadership skills, strategy planning, and data analysis skills in the resume can help professionals negotiate a higher salary. 

2. Highlight Initiatives or Strategies Developed for Previous Organizations

Demonstrating practical experience in the interview by highlighting HR strategies or workplace programs and emphasizing accomplishments also helps negotiate a higher HRBP salary. 

3. Research Market Rates

Research average HRBP salaries for similar organizations on platforms such as Glassdoor, PayScale, and to get a better understanding of market rates.  

The most popular HRBP salary trends in 2024 are: 

1. Higher Salaries for Skilled Professionals

HRBP salaries are increasing across organizations for leaders skilled in strategic planning, change management, and employee engagement.

2. Better Bonuses

In addition to the basic salary, HR business partners in India also earn additional bonuses of up to 399,000 per year. 

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Are There Specific Qualifications or Certifications That Can Help Boost the HRBP Salary in India?

Human Resource Management

Many companies prefer hiring candidates for the HRBP role who have an MBA in HR. However, since the role of human resources business partners is constantly evolving, professionals need to continuously upskill and reskill to learn industry trends to adapt to the changing market demands. Therefore, online skill-oriented certificate courses in HR can also help boost HRBP salary India by offering practical learning. 

What are the Key Responsibilities of an HRBP That Can Impact Their Salary Package in India?

Human resources business partner role core responsibilities that can increase the HRBP salary include business strategy, recruiting, performance management, and employee relations. Moreover, professionals should be able to contribute to business objectives, enhance organizational culture, and improve employee engagement to boost productivity and get better salaries. Therefore, HR professionals must highlight these responsibilities and relevant skills in their resumes to get a higher salary package.

Skilled talent, employee retention, and low productivity are some of the most pressing challenges for modern organizations. Therefore, the demand for skilled human resources business partners is increasing. Emeritus’ online HR courses can help you gain relevant skills, learn industry trends, and get a high HRBP salary

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