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Companies are facing the dilemma of failing security systems and constant cyberattacks. As a result, many business organizations have formed an in-house cybersecurity department with ethical hackers, cybersecurity managers, website inspectors, and network security personnel. Therefore, if you are someone planning a long-term career in ethical hacking, now is the best time to pursue the career alternative.
Experts believe that the cybersecurity industry is booming, and this new wave will bring new opportunities and technological advancements, among others that will change how companies comprehend cybersecurity. As an ethical hacker, you will be closely working with the stakeholders and cybersecurity manager, performing umpteen duties that help the company stay chaste in a world filled with constant data breaches. Therefore, to make a successful career in ethical hacking, you must possess specific skills, which we will discuss in the succeeding part of the article.

How To Make A Career In Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking evaluates a company’s computer and network systems to ascertain the security level and suggest methods and ways to tighten the loose ends. Besides discussing cybersecurity definition, we will be delving deep into the skills, roles and responsibilities, job description, future scope of ethical hackers, and more in the article.

Experts define cybersecurity as the process of protecting critical information and computer systems from digital attacks. Cybersecurity ensures that the application, network, infrastructure, cloud, and information are protected with a strong strategy.

Ethical hackers are a part of the cybersecurity department that analyses an organization’s network and computer systems. Read below to know the meaning of ethical hacking.

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Experts define ethical hacking as hacking into a computer network to test or evaluate its security rather than with malicious or criminal intent, and people performing the process are called ethical hackers or white hat hackers. They hack into an organization’s computer system only with the authorization of the stakeholders or cybersecurity managers. After analyzing the companies’ systems, an ethical hacker presents a maturity scorecard that highlights the risk faced by the business and suggests methods to improve the security of the computer system and network.

However, ethical hackers perform various duties in an organization other than analyzing the security system, which we’ll highlight in the next part of the article. In the succeeding part of the article, we will discuss ethical hackers’ job descriptions.

What Is The Job Description Of Ethical Hacking?

To become an excellent ethical hacker, you should be a multi-tasker who can juggle different projects and functions simultaneously. In addition, you should have complete knowledge about programming tools, algorithms, coding languages, and networking concepts, among others. Here are some of the prerequisites required for pursuing a career in ethical hacking.
• Understanding concepts
Before opting for a career in ethical hacking, you should be well-versed in different networking concepts like subnetting, three-way handshakes, working with DHCP, HTTPS, and more. Understanding these concepts will help you perform your task efficiently and quickly. For this, you can take a bachelor’s or master’s course in information technology, cybersecurity, or a similar field.
• Technical knowledge
Ethical hacking is a technical role; therefore, companies will recruit individuals with a good grasp of technical knowledge. You should be proficient in programming, coding, computer software, and algorithms, among others. In addition, you can take up different certification courses to gain in-depth knowledge about different processes and technological trends.

What Are Important Ethical Hacking Skills?

Here are some ethical hacking skills that employers look for in aspiring hackers; check them out:

• Networking skills
Since ethical hackers predominantly work on computer and network systems, they need to have basic knowledge about these processes to excel in their job roles. In addition, being well-versed with computer and networking processes helps you comprehend and solve risks and vulnerabilities without peril.

• Programming skills
Ethical hackers deal with complex computer coding languages and programmes. Hence, they should be equipped with programming skills to understand how programs work. Moreover, it also helps them extensively understand different domains of cybersecurity.
All ethical hackers should be well-versed with Python- a computer language widely used in businesses. Having basic knowledge about Python will help hackers to solve complex programming-related issues in a jiffy. In addition, ethical hackers must know about JavaScript, C, C++, SQL, etc.

• Hardware skills
Complete knowledge about computer hardware is imperative for aspiring hackers because it helps them understand the main components of the machines. And having a clear picture of computer hardware systems helps aspiring hackers understand how they function and use it to their benefit in times of adversity.

• Knowledge about software
Ethical hackers should know about security application software as it helps them protect data from cyberattacks by providing expert advice and eases drafting reversal strategy. Moreover, security application software is an active part of the business process, as businesses nowadays encrypt data related to business and store it in the cloud. Therefore, if you have expertise in security application software, you can monitor, track, and forecast threats beforehand.

You can learn ethical hacking skills by taking up different certification courses that concentrate on helping aspirants develop job-oriented skills and knowledge. Emeritus India has some of the best cybersecurity and ethical hacking courses to equip you with the skills required to perform your duties efficiently.

Suppose you want to develop a long-term career in ethical hacking that the next part will be your guide to a prosperous future in the field.

Future Scope Of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is a vital part of cybersecurity, growing leaps and bounds. Several companies seek talented and skilled ethical hackers to forecast threats faced by the business. Therefore, the future of ethical hacking looks bright. Here are some of the popular ethical hacking job titles that will rule the market in the forthcoming years:

  • Security analyst
  • Information security analyst
  • Penetration tester
  • Security consultant

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