Points to Keep in Mind to Prepare for a Telephonic Interview

Points to Keep in Mind to Prepare for a Telephonic Interview | Upskilling | Emeritus

Through a well-designed and thought-out plan, preparation modules, and good communication skills, an aspirant should pull ahead of the competitors who go unprepared for the telephonic interview round. These activities have positive and long-term effects on an individual’s career growth and increment.
This article will evaluate the benefits of preparing for the interview, emphasizing how to prepare for the telephonic interview round.

How To Prepare For A Telephonic Interview Round?

As new administration policies come to foray, and as the social and economic consequences of the businesses transition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to change yesterday’s strategies. Therefore, it is imperative to formulate new strategies that ensure better work opportunities.
Candidates will need to divide telephonic interview preparation into three stages – before the interview, during the interview, and after the interview.
So let’s take a closer look at the three phases of a telephonic interview.

What Are The Points To Keep In Mind Before A Telephonic Interview?

  1. Be humble and polite while answering the questions.
  2. Choose a noise-free and cosy environment to continue the interview round. It will help you stay focused and motivated during the interview.
  3. Read and learn about important subjects pertaining to your job roles. Research puts the right first impression on the employer, increasing your chances of securing the job.
  4. Pre-prepare the queries related to the job title, salary, responsibilities, and company’s operational model, which you can ask during the telephonic interview round.
  5. Keep a notepad, pen, and pencil handy to frame answers or jot down keywords to include while answering the interview questions.

The above points cover stage 1 of how to prepare for a telephonic interview round. Now for stage 2 – the actual phone call.
Here’s more detail on how to go about it during the telephonic interview.

How to Talk During the Telephonic Interview

Ignoring the consequences of ineffective communication skills can be damaging to your career. Therefore, before the telephonic round, it is vital to prepare for the interview.
You can conduct a mock interview with the help of your friends or family members. Start with rehearsing answers, noticing body language and gestures, then move on to framing answers and then correcting the pronunciation. It is vital to demonstrate the best side of your professional personality, starting with showcasing your effective interpersonal skills in striking a stimulating conversation with the employer, followed by the capability to highlight the skills adorned by you in an enthralling manner.
However, besides good communication skills, there are some traits that employers look for in their future employees.
Here are some points to remember during the telephonic interview round; adhering to them will increase your chances of getting the job.

  1. Listen carefully before answering any question.
  2. Mention past achievements and accomplishments to convey your competency to perform the job responsibilities effectively.
  3. Refer to the most common job interview questions and answers asked by the interviewer for your job role beforehand to increase your chances of framing an answering mechanism that enhances your chances of securing the job.
  4. Avoid noises in the background. Moreover, refrain from asking unnecessary questions.
  5. Pick up the phone in time, and start the telephonic interview round with a warm greeting.

The most innovative and forward-looking practice you must inculcate is to follow up or stay connected with the recruiter after the interview. Below, we enlist the benefits of staying connected with the interview for a long time.

  • Increase chances of securing the job
  • Help standout from the rest and gain a competitive advantage
  • Utilize the wide network hosted by the recruiter

Now that you know the benefits of forming a connection with the recruiter, let’s look at what to do after the telephonic interview.

What To Do After Completing The Telephonic Interview Round?

Firstly, send a note of gratitude to the interviewer to appreciate their effort and time. Secondly, reaffirm your interest in the company vicariously through the note. These efforts will cement your chances of securing a role in the company.

Nowadays, post the telephonic round, some companies prefer a brief interview with the human resource (HR) department. In the HR round interview questions about the candidate’s background, and details are asked to check and evaluate them. It may include address verification, evaluating educational qualifications, etc. Therefore, it is vital to have correct information while designing a resume.

For instance, mentioning certification courses and skills attained while pursuing them without taking one will damage your chances of securing the job role. Mentioning half-truths or unnecessary details in the resume will hamper your chances of getting the job.

Instead, how about considering an actual upskill?

Additional skills can give your resume an edge and prepare you for a more detailed conversation on the job role and capability.

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