5 Important Reasons Why AI Won’t Bring the Importance of Public Relations Down

5 Important Reasons Why AI Won’t Bring the Importance of Public Relations Down | Sales & Marketing | Emeritus

In the last decade, India witnessed a rapid adoption of technology in diverse industries. AI happens to be at the center of this tech-forward approach. We are now definitively living in an era of AI. It has transformed the way we interact with machines at large. Now AI’s presence is ubiquitous, from industrial processes to chatbots. However, the euphoria around artificial intelligence has been dampened by job displacement, bias, and security concerns across various fields. The world of Public Relations (PR), too, has not been immune to this. However, no visible signs suggest that AI will affect the importance of public relations in the future. In this article, we look at the relationship between AI and PR and how the technology will complement it instead of replacing PR. After all, AI is no substitute for the human touch when it comes to developing meaningful communication.

What is PR?

Artificial Intelligence CareerWe need to answer the question of what is PR to study the impact of AI on the importance of public relations. Essentially, PR is a way to disseminate information about a person, a business, or a cause to the public. The aim is to manage the flow of information to shape public perception and build positive relationships with stakeholders. 

Many individuals and companies use PR to talk to the media at large and engage with social media followers, and other groups to build, maintain, and protect a positive reputation. Most companies struggle to understand what is public relations and how it can benefit them. However, the importance of public relations cannot be denied; it plays a crucial role in dealing with negative press and crises.

A note must be made to not club PR with advertising. The former focuses on earned media coverage as opposed to paid promotion. A PR professional uses tactics such as writing press releases, pitching stories to journalists, managing social media accounts, and organizing events.

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How is AI Changing the Field of Public Relations?

The rise of AI has reshaped every aspect of human lives, including PR. In fact, it plays a significant role in underscoring the importance of public relations. Here’s how:

1. Data Analysis

Many PR professionals crunch a large amount of data from social media, news articles, and other sources. They can use AI to save time and focus on identifying notable trends, understanding public sentiment, and measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns.

2. Personalized Content

It is no secret that PR professionals personalize press releases and social media content for different audiences. If they use AI, they can save a lot of time, and consequently, reach a wider range of target groups.

3. Tracking Online Media

It is easier to monitor media coverage with AI tools rather than doing so manually. These tools also allow the monitoring to be continuous. As a result, PR professionals can respond to issues quickly and build relationships with key players.

4. Crisis Communication

The importance of public relations is evident in its use for handling crises. But with AI, professionals can evaluate social media in real time and pivot strategies simultaneously to address concerns.

5. Measuring Campaigns

Most companies run several campaigns on various fronts. Analyzing data from every campaign can be cumbersome, but AI can perform these tasks within minutes. As a result, PR folks can focus on improving their strategies.

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What Unique Skills do PR Professionals Bring to the Table in the Age of AI?

There is no doubt that PR professionals play a crucial role today. Given their necessity, the proliferation of AI will not make PR professionals obsolete. Let’s see how:

1. Human Insight

A story resonates with people through emotions, which no machine is capable of producing. A campaign will need professionals to design communication that touches people’s emotions. It is the only way to connect with audiences genuinely.

2. Crisis Control

An AI machine will not know how to handle a sensitive situation. Only humans can make decisions in these moments because of their experience and interpersonal skills. These situations require a deft hand to build trust and develop a rapport with the media and stakeholders.

3. Reading the Subtext

Understanding the subtext of language, culture, and current events is critical to knowing what is public relations in marketing. This insight helps customize messages that are mindful of cultural differences.

4. Ethical Bent

A machine does not have ethics or morals, whereas humans are driven by strong ethical values. Ethical dilemmas make us realize the importance of public relations. These PR professionals know how to make a judgment that aligns with the ethics and morals of a civilized society.

5. Creativity

The presence of creativity is a key factor when you consider what is public relations. Most AI tools can only function on data but cannot outsmart human creativity. Hence, it helps to develop original communication strategies that address issues.

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Can AI Ever Fully Replace the Human Touch in PR Strategies?

We have elaborated on the importance of public relations by delving into what is PR. It also makes one thing clear—AI will not be able to replace PR. It will optimize existing processes, but it will not take them over. In other words, a combination of human touch and technology will drive successful PR campaigns in the future.

Many aspects of being human are indispensable to PR. And these are things that AI cannot replicate. Most PR transactions are based on personal connections, trust, and mutual understanding. AI cannot build meaningful relationships with journalists, influencers, clients, and the public. It will, however, make PR work easier and more efficient by automating routine tasks and through data analysis.  

Furthermore, it is unlikely that AI is flexible enough to respond to a crisis. For example, many firms face a risk of data breaches or privacy violations in today’s digital world. In case an issue arises, of some rogue actor targeting the firm, the more experienced PR professional will swing into action quickly to resolve matters. It will be challenging for AI to swiftly come up with a solution in such instances.

How Can PR Professionals Adapt to the Changes Brought by AI Technology?

1. Develop Skills

It is important to stay ahead of the curve by upskilling yourself. A PR professional can sign up for courses and workshops on new AI tools and learn how to integrate them into their strategies.

2. Hone Strategic Abilities

A successful PR professional must know how to invest in refining their strategic mindset, building innovative campaigns, and fostering relationships.

3. Leverage Data

Every PR professional should know how to befriend data. Most firms value PR folks who know their way around data analysis to inform their storytelling. 

4. Nurture Interpersonal Relationships

A significant answer to the question of what is public relations in marketing involves cultivating positive relationships with various stakeholders. AI cannot develop relationships built over many years of experience. Moreover, it is beneficial to have soft skills like communication, active listening, and crisis management.

What are the Challenges and Opportunities for PR in an AI-Driven World?

1. Algorithm Bias & Ethical Concerns

Many AI algorithms exhibit biases that affect the fair dissemination of information and the ability of AI systems to develop an ethical base. Additionally, there are concerns about privacy, data security, and the manipulation of information. So, PR practitioners must navigate these dilemmas while upholding transparency and trust.

2. Information Overload

There is a risk of information overload as AI can disseminate and generate a large amount of data. It is time-consuming and exhausting and can sometimes lead to a loss of control over messaging.

3. Job Displacement

There is a chance that AI-driven automation may lead to job loss within the PR industry. Professionals must acquire new skills to remain relevant.

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AI is here to stay, especially in the PR industry. More and more companies are likely to tap into the technology to perform routine tasks, leaving PR professionals to focus on important tasks like strategy. Emeritus offers a range of online courses to prepare professionals for the world of AI-driven PR. These courses are crafted by industry experts to help you gain practical insights into the latest trends in the PR industry. Enroll in Emeritus’ online marketing courses now and commence your journey toward career success!

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