How Uncommon Leadership Can Help You Become a Great Manager

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We all have one or more qualities of being a good leader. Even if you don’t have one, you can read several books and listen to world leaders talk about leadership. However, these will help you become a good, common, and ordinary leader. It would be best to do things extraordinarily when you want to set examples for others. You must do something unique or adopt an approach no one has done to date to avoid becoming extraordinary. So, the question is can you become an extraordinary leader? If yes, then what are the uncommon leadership traits you need?

It isn’t easy to cover the road from an excellent leader to an uncommon leader. The prime reason for this is most people need to understand what an uncommon leader is and what uncommon leadership is. An uncommon leader is a person who values his personal goals and objectives and also helps others to become successful. He does not walk on the road to success alone. Instead, he walks on the road with everyone and takes them toward success. It’s almost like switching on a central light that automatically switches all other lights in a room to make it shine brighter.

Why is Uncommon Leadership Gaining Importance?

The first thing we should study here is why you must follow uncommon leadership. Every person has the right to become an uncommon leader, regardless of the position he works in or the experience he has earned. You can become an extraordinary leader even when you have just started your career in a company. So, what makes an uncommon leader so different and crucial?

  1. First and foremost, becoming an uncommon leader will help you understand the need to help others and take them on the journey alongside you toward success.
  2. When you become an uncommon leader, you set examples for others and become an inspirational model for many.
  3. Although the journey from becoming an excellent leader to an uncommon leader is difficult, it is praiseworthy and you should give a pat on your shoulder for achieving that.
  4. Uncommon leadership is not just about making billions in revenue or becoming famous overnight. It is about becoming successful with others who have always been there for you.
  5. An uncommon leader is a person who leads a team or an organization with the essence of humanity, ethics, morals, understandability, and so on.
  6. Becoming an uncommon leader makes you more accountable and responsible for your actions and words. It gives you a completely new sense of knowledge and helps you to perceive a situation in a better way.

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How to Become an Uncommon Leader?

There are so many ideas and examples of becoming a good leader. But there is only one key to becoming an extraordinary leader: coaching. Now you might think about what coaching exactly is in leadership. Coaching means investing your efforts and time into developing the strengths of every individual in your team and transforming their weaknesses into their weapons. It also means providing a bigger picture to others instead of limiting the mindset only to oneself.

Can Coaching Help?

Though we have said that coaching can help you become an uncommon leader, you might think about why or in what ways coaching can become key. To help you understand this better and in detail, we have listed some importance of coaching in leadership.

  1. First and foremost, coaching empowers every leader to perform exceptional work. It helps them understand the strengths and weaknesses of every member of the team or employee in the organization. In other words, coaching helps empower and make the leader more knowledgeable about reality, people who work for the person, and themselves.
  2. Coaching in leadership also offers a leader new insights into the team, employees, organizational performance, leadership values, and so on. When you start coaching, you can understand what your team or employee thinks of you.
  3. Another significant benefit of coaching in leadership is the establishment of free thinking. When you consider the journey toward success to be covered with everyone else, you become an uncommon leader. This can be achieved only when your thoughts are free of bias and partiality. Coaching helps you do so.
  4. With the help of coaching, you can communicate with your team members or employees in a better way. Communication is one of the pillars of leadership; when you improve it, you can share your goals and objectives with others. In other words, we can see that communication can help you influence the thoughts of others to adopt your goals and objectives as theirs, thereby taking one step closer to becoming an uncommon leader. 


In this article, we have introduced you to a new concept known as uncommon leadership. Although it may sound weird, an uncommon leader shines brighter when he helps others to shine. We have also discussed how coaching can help you become an extraordinary leader.

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