Building the Perfect Resume for a Business Manager Role

Building the Perfect Resume for a Business Manager Role | Sales & Marketing | Emeritus

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the challenges faced by companies unanimously across different industries. Therefore, organizations are looking at spinning consumer insight into business gold, further leading to growth and increment in market share. To turn customer data into concrete business initiatives and change the firm’s central and operational model, leaders are employing talented and highly qualified business managers.
Business managers are trained professionals who spearhead multiple projects and derive desired results from each project. They are also responsible for aligning teams, resolving conflicts and grievances, and getting stuff done, among others. Leaders are considering recruiting skilled and educated business managers. They believe they are an asset to the company in the current business milieu. Hence, they are looking at recruiting business managers with advanced degrees.

Simply put, business leaders are looking at employing candidates who know what a business strategy is and how to implement excellent business strategies. Therefore, to stand out from the rest, it is imperative to have a well-designed resume. This article will help aspiring business managers design an excellent resume highlighting their positives, increasing their chances of getting a job.

How Important Is A Resume While Applying For A Business Manager’s Role?

A resume is vital while applying for a business manager role. Because of the growing competition and complex business environment, an employer wants to see candidates’ previous work experience, education, and skills to conclude their capabilities and abilities to pull off complex tasks and tackle challenging business situations. That’s why experts believe it is essential to have a standardized business manager resume design for freshers and experienced professionals that should include:

  • A resume header
  • Summary consisting of career objectives
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Educational Qualification

In the succeeding part of the article, we will discuss the main components of a business manager’s resume that will highlight the imperative employers are looking for in a candidate.

What To Include In A Business Manager’s Resume?

Here are the essential components of a business manager’s resume:

1. Header
A resume’s header section provides the employer with detailed information about the candidates. It includes information such as name, contact details, address, and a few lines describing the candidate’s personality, skills, and qualifications. Therefore, a header in the resume helps a hiring manager understand you better.

2. Summary
A summary is a vital part of a business manager’s resume, providing an overview of a candidate’s career. It includes their persuasion, skills, work experience, and career objectives. In addition, employers can gauge if a candidate is a perfect fit for their company with the help of a resume summary. That’s why its inclusion increases an aspirant’s chances of getting a job.

3. Experience
An experienced business manager’s resume echoes their performance in the previous organization. Moreover, it quantifies the efforts put by an aspirant in their past company. In addition, it highlights the skills and capabilities of candidates to draw desirable results and tackle complex business situations.

Furthermore, it helps recruiters gauge a candidate’s leadership style and see if it matches that of the stakeholder and department heads. Since business managers play an integral part in many business decisions, different types of leadership styles of varying department leaders can lead to issues or conflicting views.

4. Education
Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher starting your career as a business manager, a well-designed resume is imperative in ensuring the right opportunities come your way. Similarly, education details in the resume yield the same results.
Employers are recruiting candidates with advanced knowledge and skills to handle tricky business situations. Therefore, they employ business managers with a master’s degree or a certificate specializing in business management, administration, or similar fields. So, to make a successful career in contemporary business, it is imperative to have an advanced degree.

5. Skills

Hiring managers are more interested in knowing the skills a candidate possesses than knowing whether they know what leadership is. Therefore, mentioning your skills in the resume will help you make a good impression on them. Here are some of the skills a recruiter is looking for in business managers:

  • Project management skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Business strategy
  • Sales
  • Business planning skills

In addition to the components mentioned above, the design and layout of your resume add value. Thus, you can refer to a business manager’s resume templates and take inspiration from them. Furthermore, we have enlisted some tips and tricks to keep in mind while building or designing your resume; check out below.

How To Design A Good Business Manager’s Resume For Freshers And Experienced Professionals?

Here are the tips and tricks to design a perfect business manager’s resume for experienced professionals and freshers:

  • Adopt a tone that delivers your message directly to the recruiter.
  • Analyze the job title, responsibilities, and company details, and accordingly include keywords that will attract the employer’s attention.
  • Choose a resume template that makes a visual impression on the hiring manager.

Moreover, hone your skills and prepare for your interview beforehand. You can enrol in Emeritus India’s business management courses online to acquire job-specific skills. These learning programmes are designed for working professionals and freshers looking for jobs. As a result, Emeritus has partnered with renowned Indian universities to offer the best courses that help in attracting the right work opportunities.

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