Building the Perfect Resume for a Digital Marketer’s Role

Building the Perfect Resume for a Digital Marketer’s Role | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Digital marketing has shifted companies’ perspectives about advertising and promotion from always-on to always-relevant. Moreover, digital marketing has driven a shift in the organization’s advertising plan by including digital media such as search, display, and social ads. For brands, the new approach is helping them attract more customers in the fast-paced business milieu.
Similarly, digital marketers must upskill to adapt to the ever-evolving and post-pandemic ‘new normal’ business environment. Learning new skills or updating existing ones will help them sustain and grow in the current environment. Moreover, it will help them see a steady increase in their career and pay package.
Furthermore, upskilling might force you to build a new resume highlighting your skills and delving deep into how these will help in inducing effectiveness and efficiency in your daily task. So, in this article, we will discuss the five components to add to a digital marketer’s resume to accelerate growth.
In the succeeding paragraph, we will look into the five important components of a digital marketer’s resume, after which we will delve into the tips and tricks to make an ideal and best-performing resume.


What Should You Include In Your Digital Marketer’s Resume?

Building a perfect digital marketing resume is tough, especially when you are unaware of the important components that will increase your chances of getting a job. Therefore, here are five elements that are deemed necessary in a digital marketer’s resume and are believed to attract the right work opportunities; check out:

1. Summary

Recruiters anticipate knowing more about you than they desire to know if you know the answer to what is digital marketing. Therefore, a summary helps them understand ‘you’ better. Moreover, it provides a peek into your abilities, work culture, ethics, work experience, and digital marketing knowledge and skills. Therefore, while writing the summary, remember to explain why you are a good candidate for the specific role.

An ideal summary must highlight your experience in the right areas and how you have driven results using your experience and skills.

2. Education
The current business environment is riddled with uncertainties and challenges posed by the market and the COVID-19 pandemic. So, employers are looking for digital marketers with advanced degrees in online marketing. Therefore, to sustain growth and increment in the field, it is imperative that you have an advanced degree like a master’s or a certification in digital marketing; having them will increase your chances of getting quality and growth-inclusive work opportunities.
Interestingly, without a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can be qualified to become a digital marketer. That’s because certificate courses can develop the same skills and nestle similar knowledge to advanced courses. Therefore, a candidate with a certificate course in digital marketing is eligible for the same work opportunities as a master’s student.

3. Skills
Digital marketing is a vast field, and to become a prolific digital marketer, a candidate must possess various skills. It is believed that hiring managers look out for specific skills in candidates such as Search engine optimization (SEO), social media, SEMrush, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, WordPress, communication skills, and leadership skills, among others. Therefore, including these skills in the resume increases your chance of getting the job.

4. Certification

Experts believe that including all details about your certification courses increases your chances of being shortlisted. In addition, employers today are looking for digital marketers with complete knowledge and skills in different areas, and a certification course helps in doing that and more.

Moreover, digital marketers are leaders who pave the path for the rest to follow. Therefore, certifications equip them with soft skills like communication, leadership, team management, etc., making them effectively complete digital marketing campaigns. It is believed that employers look out for the below-mentioned certifications in a digital marketer’s resume:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google ads
  • Hootsuite social media certification
  • Facebook advertising
  • Bing Ads certification

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5. Job experience
There is a stark difference between a newcomer’s or fresher’s and an experienced digital marketer’s resume. It is the job experience section. While experienced digital marketers’ resume is adorned with their previous experience, freshers only have details about their internships. However, the main aim of including this section is not to highlight your work experience but to let the recruiter know the results you got from the duties you performed previously.

Therefore, job experience is significant to a digital marketer’s resume.
As discussed above, there is a stark difference between an experienced or fresher digital marketer’s resume. So, in the next part of the article, we will enlist some tricks and tips that will help them in building an excellent resume.

How To Build A Digital Marketer’s Resume For Freshers?

Here are some points freshers need to remember while building a digital marketer’s resume:

  • Include intricate details about your work experience, from internships to freelancing work. Any experience is good and acceptable until you have gained knowledge and driven excellent results.
  • Experts believe fresher, or newcomer digital marketers must continue helping local businesses with online lead generation. It has a great impact on their resume and helps them use a variety of skills and get practical experience.

How To Build A Digital Marketer’s Resume For Experienced Professionals?

Below are some points experienced professionals must remember while making a digital marketer’s resume:

  • It is believed that experienced digital marketers must develop a resume that targets their skills and highlights the results drawn in the past. It helps in attracting similar job titles.
  • Experienced digital marketers’ resumes must emphasize their soft skills like leadership, time management, and communication skills to increase their chances of getting a job.

To make an excellent resume highlighting your skills, work experience, and education is necessary. Similarly, choosing a digital marketing specialization is also imperative. You can choose from fields like SEO, SMM, social media, content marketing, etc. Moreover, selecting a domain makes it easier for employers to evaluate a candidate.

It vicariously helps you prepare for the interview and increases your chances of attracting the right work opportunities. For instance, your specialization is SEO, and you plan to apply for a digital marketing agency specializing in it. Then, you can build your resume according to the employer’s needs and prepare for the SEO interview questions beforehand to increase your chances of getting a job. Therefore, knowing your specialization has umpteen benefits.

Suppose you want to make a career in digital marketing, then decide on which aspect of online advertising you wish to concentrate on, and work on your skills and knowledge to attract quality work opportunities.

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