What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Digital Brand Manager

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Digital Brand Manager | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Being a brand manager is glamorous. The captivating feel of managing brands and making an impact on people to boost sales, etc. However, the roles and responsibilities of a brand manager go beyond the allure. This role is pivotal to a company as you would be representing a brand and making vital decisions that will impact its image.
Let’s explore the roles and responsibilities of a brand manager in a modern organisation.

Who Is A Digital Brand Manager?

Digital brand managers are the creative invigorators who help build a brand. They are key executives who play a vital role in deciding how to present a product or service of a brand in the market. In addition to that, brand managers undertake different duties aimed at creating a positive brand image, inciting customer interaction and communication, and formulating strategies to increase the sale and revenue of the brand.
Let’s delve deep into the different roles and responsibilities of a brand manager in an organisation.


What Are the Roles And Responsibilities of a Digital Brand Manager?

1. Safeguard the brand image
Brand managers are acknowledged as a brand’s guardian because they are responsible for ensuring that the brand message and the brand purpose are communicated to all business entities, including customers.

2. Collaborate with different departments
Interviewers often ask technical questions in brand manager interviews to gauge the skills and knowledge possessed by a candidate. Here are those common brand manager questions:

Moreover, having the necessary knowledge about different departments makes the brand manager’s collaboration with marketing, sales, content, and logistics teams effective. For the unversed, collaborating with various departments to ensure that the products, services, or brand communication match the customer’s expectations is one of the main responsibilities of a brand manager. In addition, they also communicate with different departments to provide a strategic overview of the business and enlist future market opportunities.

3. Interact with customers
Brand managers communicate with customers frequently to understand their demands and requirements. Therefore, the primary responsibility of a brand manager is to ensure that they extract information about the customer’s needs and communicate the same to different departments. It will help personalise the brand experience, increasing customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and others.

4. Make important decisions
A brand manager collaborates with different departments to make many strategic and tactful business decisions, like deciding the imperatives of a brand campaign with senior management and stakeholders or collaborating with the SEO team to decide what SEO related interview questions to ask an SEO executive. Brand managers play a pivotal role in making many essential brand decisions. Building and monitoring brand campaigns.

5. Building and monitoring brand campaigns
Brand managers build and monitor brand campaigns. They formulate the campaign strategy in alignment with the customer requirements and company goals.
Here’s a list of the skills and educational qualifications that an employer is looking for in a brand manager.

What Is The Job Description Of A Digital Brand Manager?

Earlier, we went through the roles and responsibilities of a brand manager. But what skills

Analysis: Brand managers often analyse customer data and purchase trends. Therefore, you need to have analytical skills to formulate different brand campaigns.

  • Creativity: As a brand manager, you need to find new and innovative ways to promote a product or service. In other words, develop strategies to thrive in a market.
  • Collaboration and communication skills: Brand managers regularly communicate with different departments. So, besides strong interpersonal skills, you should be open to suggestions and collaborative to ensure the process ends.
  • Budget management: You will create brand campaigns for products or services and execute them within a budget. So, having basic budgeting skills will ensure innovative strategies are implemented correctly.
  • Time management: Brand managers need to be good at time management because they need to execute a brand campaign single-handedly in the stipulated time.

How To Become A Digital Brand Manager?

Here are three ways that can help you become a brand manager:

  1. Earn a degree: It is imperative to have a strong foundation, and taking a bachelor’s or master’s course in brand management is the right step to starting your career as a brand manager.
  2. Gain experience: Brand management is a very demanding industry, and to excel in it, you must have deep knowledge about marketing, sales, consumers, and know-how of the industry.
  3. Learn more about digital marketing: Established businesses are shifting their focus to digital marketing, and so should you. Therefore, you could take a digital marketing certification course and learn the fundamentals of the modern marketing concept. You can enrol in Emeritus India’s online digital marketing courses that are offered in association with premier Indian universities.

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