Scope of MBA in HR in 2022-23: Top Job Roles, Skills

The Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) recent reveals that 92% of corporate recruiters prefer MBA graduates over others. The report further states that 52% of employers are confident that B-schools will prepare students to turn into an efficient and high-performing workforce. And these numbers are expected to increase in the forthcoming years.

This is one of the significant reasons why the number of graduates applying for an MBA in different specialisations is increasing. Furthermore, increased job opportunities, managerial and leadership skills development and advanced pay packages are a few more reasons for pursuing an MBA.

There are many specialisations that you can choose from, including marketing, sales, logistics, human resource management, and leadership.

If human resources or workforce management in a business organisation is something that interests you, MBA in Human Resources is for you. The course’s comprehensive curriculum helps you understand the nitty-gritty of human resource management and trains you to handle employee-related complexities.

Here are the key learnings from an MBA in HR course:

What is MBA in HR?

Do you know what SHRM is? Are you well-versed with common employee training and development programmes? Are you equipped with negotiating compensations with prospective employees?

If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ to most of these questions, pursuing an MBA in HR can be helpful. It is a two-year post-graduation degree that provides a solid foundation in advanced business and employee management. Furthermore, it equips candidates with advanced skills and knowledge to develop workforce training and development programmes and formulate employee compensation strategies, among others.

Earning an MBA in HR from a renowned university opens doors to exciting work opportunities.

In this article, we will discuss the scope of an MBA in HR and why is it the right career path for you.

What is the Scope of An MBA In HR?

A GMAC survey reveals that 18% of companies are planning to hire B-school graduates pursuing MBA in HR mainly because they have the skill and knowledge to tackle complex employee-related situations. Additionally, they can bring positive change to an organisation by using their expertise to ensure the company and employees’ goals and objectives are met.
Therefore, those with an MBA in Human Resource Management can get lucrative professional opportunities in well-reputed companies across different industries and earn a competitive pay package.

Why Can an MBA in HR be a perfect option for you?

If you are interested in personnel management, good at communicating with people, or simply passionate about the field; pursuing an MBA in HR can be a great career option. It will help you build the right competencies, preparing you to manage a diversified workforce and perform other HR tasks efficiently.

Here are some of the common subjects included in the curriculum of MBA in HR:

  • Marketing management helps you understand the different facets of the market.
  • Human resource management helps you understand employee or workforce management fundamentals. From what is human resource management to how to motivate the workforce, everything is included in this subject.
  • Managerial economics helps understand the planning phase of a business. It helps understand how to forecast demand, manage supply and demand, and set long-term business goals.
  • Accounting and finance for managers helps understand how to manage a company’s finances.
  • Compensation management is the foundation for understanding salary/wages, incentives, and fringe benefits of the workforce.
  • Industrial relations management equips you with the tools to maintain a cordial relationship with different parties in the industry.

Note: Some other subjects of an MBA in HR are strategic management, business environment and ethics, operation management, corporate communication, etc.

Here are the essential skills you develop after completing an MBA in HR:

  • Planning employee training, compensation, motivation, and development programmes; and executing them accordingly.
  • Supervising the company’s workforce by monitoring their tasks to evaluate their efficiency and productivity.
  • Communication skills to ensure there’s no misunderstanding between superiors and subordinates across different departments.
  • Decision Making skills to make critical decisions regarding employee management and the company’s future.
  • Leadership skills to guide and lead the employees in the right direction and help them grow. You can recommend different upskilling programmes in leadership and management.

Below are the top job positions you can take after completing MBA in HR:

  • HR Specialist is an entry-level position with job titles like Compensation Analyst, Job Analyst, Trainer, Interviewer, etc.
  • HR Manager is a trained professional responsible for managing, coordinating, and administrating HRM activities across an organisation.
  • Employee Relations Manager are a part of the HR department. They focus on understanding employees and evaluating how comfortable they are in their workplace.

What After Completing an MBA in HR?

The next step after completing an MBA in HR is looking for and taking work opportunities that excite you. You can even continue learning by taking an advanced course in human resources.

Emeritus India offers top-notch HR certification courses in association with renowned Indian universities. Our advanced learning programmes with equip you with advanced skills and knowledge to skyrocket your career. Apart from courses in HR, we also have certification courses in data science, analytics, digital marketing, sales, and logistics, among others.

Here are some benefits of upskilling with Emeritus:

  • Best-in-class curriculum with industry-leading insights, projects, simulations, assignments, and real-world case studies
  • Specially designed learning programmes for freshers as well as working professionals
  • Live online sessions with eminent faculty members of renowned Indian universities

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