Top Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

How to Clear Cyber Security Interview Round Without Peril?

In the past few decades, the demand for skilled cyber security professionals has increased substantially. A recent study revealed that cyber security job postings have increased by 94% in the last decade. Since the industry works on the basic fundamental principle of demand and supply, job postings have vicariously increased the need for talented cyber security professionals. However, talent and skills alone cannot help anyone secure a good job.
In this article, we will be discussing how to clear the cyber security interview round successfully. However, talent and skills alone cannot help you secure a good job but preparing beforehand for the interview can. So, in the succeeding part of the article, we will be looking at 12 cyber security interview questions and their answers that will prepare you to shine in the interview round and get a competitive pay package. But, before starting with cyber security interview questions and answers, let’s understand the basic meaning of cyber security and how the IT concept is transcending boundaries into different businesses.

Introduction to Cyber Security

Constant data leaks and data infringements propelled the introduction of cyber security and more decades ago. However, not much has changed since then. For instance, the solar winds hack that blew the world recently and many others that have from time to time stressed the need for cyber security in a business organization. So, what is cyber security?

Cyber security is protecting a company or personal data or information from unauthorized sources. The process is undertaken by IT professionals equipped with cyber security skills and knowledge. Cyber security is currently used in communication, entertainment, transportation, shopping, entertainment, shopping, etc.

Cyber security is an attractive career that has many IT professionals piqued. Suppose you want a career in cyber security, the succeeding part of the article with help you with it. Below are some common, technical, and scenario-based cyber security interview questions and answers that will help you secure a job without any peril.

Common Cyber Security Interview Questions

Cyber security is a great way to make the world a better place. To begin work as a cyber security professional does not require any formal training or courses. However, clearing a cyber security interview round is not easy and convenient. You have to be well-versed with the working and processes of the IT concept. These common cyber security interview questions will better help you understand the IT concept.

1. What are the main elements of cyber security?
Cyber security protects the hardware, software, and data from hackers or unauthorized infringement. Here are the main elements of cyber security:

  • Information security
  • Network security
  • Operational security
  • Application security
  • Business continuity planning

2. What is the meaning of data leakage?
Data leakage can be summarized as unauthorized access to important information or data of a company or an individual in public or on the internet. Data leakage occurs due to security vulnerabilities, poor data protection practices, human error, or side-effects of a virus. Data leaks and data breaches are often considered the same, but they are fundamentally different.

3. What is a firewall?
A firewall is a security system that protects the computer network from illegal and malicious internet links. This software works by blocking or restricting the activity of the suspectable internet website or page. Interestingly, the term is inspired by the concept of physical walls. It was first used in the 1900s and since then has gained traction.
If you are a newbie waiting to make tides with your cyber security skills in the IT sector, then you could easily answer these interview questions that the recruiters often ask. Here are cyber security interview questions for answers. In addition to the questions, we have provided answers for new professionals who find it hard to articulate their answers. Read below for more.

Cyber Security Interview Questions for Freshers

1. What are some common types of cyberattacks?
There are several types of cyberattacks a business or an organization can experience. Here are some:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • SQL injection
  • DNS tunnelling
  • Man-in-the-middle

2. What is the meaning of hacking? State the different types of hackers.
Hacking exploits the computer and network systems to gain unauthorized access to personal or professional data. The activity is often considered illegal, and individuals indulging in this activity are called hackers. They are skilled and intelligent professionals who use the technological system’s loopholes to their benefit.
There are three types of hackers: white hat, black hat, and grey hat. White hat hackers are individuals identifying loopholes in an organization’s security system with their permission and consent. Meanwhile, black hat hackers and grey hat hackers gain unauthorized access to various organizations or individuals’ systems to destroy or steal crucial data.

3. What are the advantages of having firewall security in a business?
A firewall is a common tool that business organizations use to protect against malicious and threatful infringements. There are many advantages of having a firewall system in the business. Here are some of them:

  • Installing firewall security helps in stopping frequent and dangerous virus attacks on a company’s data and system.
  • Having a firewall security system also protects your business from the evil eye of hackers. A firewall system can stop a hacker completing from infiltrating an organization’s personal data.
  • A firewall security system also helps in monitoring traffic on a company’s website and other tangible entities.
  • A firewall system also stops spyware from gaining access and getting into a company’s internal system and creating havoc.
  • Having a firewall security system installed in the company provides the required data privacy to the company’s assets and systems.

The interviewer asks different cybersecurity-related questions to aspiring candidates to test if they possess the skills required for the job. So, in the process, interviewers can ask a plethora of questions, including questions like what is encryption, what is decryption, what is an accidental breach, what is an intentional breach, and others.

Further in the article, we will be looking at technical interview questions asked by the recruiters during the interview round. Read on to know more.

Cyber Security Technical Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is a botnet?
A botnet is the network of a hacked computer used to carry out various scams and cyberattacks. The term botnet is formed by two words- robot and network. Botnets are used by hackers and individuals trying to conduct illegal activities in deceit.
Whenever the recruiter asks this question in an interview, remember to state examples and also illustrate a step-by-step guide to how a botnet works.

2. Which among SSL and HTTPS is safer?
SSL stands for secure socket layers, and HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. SSL is a part of the HTTPS protocol and is believed to be the safest among the two. On the other hand, HPPTS is a more secure version of HTTP but not the safest protocol to secure internet browsing.

3. What is a DDoS?
DDoS stands for denial of service attack. It is a computer system process undertaken by hackers to prevent network applications from functioning properly. Their main objective is to bombard the network with traffic to exhaust its resources and bandwidth. By this, the hacker can easily hijack the system and extract the information they require without the interference of security systems.

Cyber Security Scenario-Based Questions and Answers

1. What is salting, and what are its uses?
Salting is a computer process that ensures the safety of the system. It is the process of extending the length of passwords by using special characters—this way, there are fewer chances of cyberattack. Salting is carried out to safeguard different passwords.

2. Are there any risks associated with public Wi-Fi?
Using public wi-fi has become the new normal. However, the phenomenon is extremely unsafe and has many security issues. Hackers can hijack the public wi-fi network and extract emails, browsing history, passwords, credit card details, bank details, etc., from a device and use it for illegal purposes. There are several types of cyberattack that occurs when using public wi-fi. They are karma attack, sniffing, brute force attack, etc.

3. What is a computer virus?
A virus is an alien entity that attacks an application’s central system and disorients it from performing normal functions. This malicious software finds its home in many computer systems. They are either planted by hackers or transferred from an unauthorized website. A computer virus is an asset for hackers because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Provides access to private information
  • Display unwanted ads and messages to users
  • Corrupt data and systems in a computer

Preparing for an interview is never easy, but these cyber security interview questions will act as a helping hand and help you secure your dream job. However, going through these interview questions cannot alone reap the desired benefits. You must invest time in honing different skills. Here’s how you can learn new skills.

Cyber Security Certification Courses

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