Top 10 Cyber Security Jobs in India

What Are Some Cyber Security Jobs in India Offering Competitive Packages?

As the world is rapidly shifting to digital, the need for cyber security is more than ever. Be it a government-run organization or a corporate organization; every company is investing in hiring skilled and talented cyber security professionals. And, this has led to numerous employment opportunities for individuals with cyber security skills and knowledge.

In this article, we will take you through different cyber security jobs in India offering competitive packages. Furthermore, we will discuss cyber security meaning, cybersecurity courses for sky-rocketing your career, and tips-tricks on how to prepare for a cyber security interview.

Top 10 Cyber Security Jobs in India Offering Competitive Package

1. Cyber security consultant
Ideally, a cyber security consultant doesn’t work for a specific company. Instead, they work with different organizations and offer their services at an agreeable cost. Often the services provided by cyber security consultants are short-term or project-oriented. They are generally hired by businesses to measure, design, and implement systems and processes to secure the company’s data, systems, and devices from data leaks and cyberattacks. Cyber security consultants are also known by different names: information security consultant, network security consultant, computer security consultant, and database security consultant.

Cyber security consultants draw a fat paycheck for their services. They charge on a project basis. A consultant, on average, earns ₹6,50,000 annually. However, it is a relative figure because a consultant’s salary changes from project to project.

2. Cyber security analyst
Cyber security analyst, one of the widely known cybersecurity jobs in the government sector plays a vital role in protecting organizations from cyberattacks and unauthorized access. Therefore, a cyber security analyst should follow market trends and incorporate them into the organization. They should also be familiar with different software, hardware, and computer eco-systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Cyber security analysts are tasked with the responsibilities of security and privacy of the organization’s data.

Many cyber security aspirants start their careers as an analyst and work their way up the ladder to become an inevitable part of the organization’s infrastructure. That’s why there is high demand for analysts. A cyber security analyst, on average, earns ₹ 6,00,000 per annum. However, the salary of an analyst is relative and changes with location, educational qualification, skills, organization pay scale, etc.

3. Cyber security manager
Cyber security managers are tasked with the security of an organization’s data, applications, and systems. They monitor the security system of a company and delegate work among subordinates to monitor different aspects of businesses. Often cyber security managers are addressed as IT security managers. However, they don’t have a prescribed set of duties, and their roles and responsibilities change according to the organisation’s size.

Cyber security managers are the backbone of an organisation’s information technology (IT) department; therefore, they are an in-demand profession and make for one of the lucrative cyber security jobs in India. Cyber security manager, on average, earns ₹ 12,00,000 per annum in India. The figure mentioned is relative and changes according to the candidate’s organization, experience, location, and qualification.

4. Network security engineer
Network security engineers ensure that an organization’s network systems are safe and function at their optimum capacity. A network security engineer should be an expert in IT systems and have a multi-disciplinary background that allows them to solve complex network and organisation-related problems or roadblocks. As the government has a hefty amount of sensitive data to manage, network security management is one of the in-demand cybersecurity government jobs in India.

Network security engineer reports to the higher management and plays an integral role in protecting an organization’s network systems. Therefore, they draw a fat paycheck. On average, a network security engineer earns between ₹ 4,00,000 to ₹8,00,000 per annum.

5. Security Architect
A security architect is a senior-level management position requiring a candidate to perform some fundamental duties and responsibilities, ranging from designing an organization’s security to budgeting for technological upgrades. Security architects play an active role in all functions of the IT department- from security testing to designing websites.

However, the most important duty of a security architect is to design network and computer security architecture for a company to avoid alien intrusions. A security architect, on average, earns ₹ 17,00,000 per annum, making it a remunerative cyber security job opportunity in India. This figure is relative and changes with location, company, and experience, among other things.

6. Information security manager
Information security managers play an integral role in avoiding disasters by detecting loopholes in a company’s system and process. They access an organization’s critical information like passwords, employee data, firewalls, and others to identify if any component of the company is under threat. Information security managers are a critical part of every organization, irrespective of their size or business. The average salary of an information security manager is ₹ 16,50,000 annually.

7. Chief information security officer (CISO)
CISO is a senior-level management position that handles the security of an organization’s tech systems. They report directly to the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) or stakeholders of an organization. Therefore, they act as a bridge between the senior-level management and the IT departments.

CISO works closely with the IT department to ensure that the company’s confidential information is protected. They work with different departments to mitigate data breaches, security risks, and alien attacks. A chief information security officer on an average earns between ₹ 2,00,00,000 to ₹ 4,00,00,000 annually. Their salary varies due to several factors, namely, location, work experience, organization, etc. Though it might take a couple of years to reach this position, it is a high-paying and highly reputed cyber security job in India.

8. Application security engineer
An application security engineer is tasked with the company’s internal and external application systems or devices. They need to have in-depth knowledge about different apps and a keen eye to track discrepancies in an application’s functioning. An application security engineer is a high-paying cyber security job in the government sector as well as the private sector. Only organisations whose software is in their day-to-day operations employ these cyber security professionals. An application security engineer, on average, earns ₹ 9,00,00 per annum.

9. Incident manager
It is hard for companies to prevent data leaks or cyberattacks in this digital era. So, they employ an incident manager to reduce the risk of intrusions. An incident manager evaluates an organization’s security system and determines the resources needed to resolve a security issue in a company. Then, they work with a team of skilled and experienced professionals to forecast risk and plan an exit strategy to avoid major losses. The average salary of an Incident manager in India is somewhere between ₹ 5,00,000 to ₹ 8,00,000.

10. Ethical hacker
Ethical hackers are authorized individuals employed by an organization to test their security systems and networks. Unlike hackers, ethical hackers do not carry out any illegal activities. Instead, they work on the instructions of an organization to strengthen its security system. Ethical hackers also take steps to protect the company from cyberattacks. An ethical hacker earns, on average, something between ₹ 3,50,000- ₹15,00,000 yearly.

In the succeeding part of the article, we will discuss the scope and availability of cyber security jobs in the government sector. Thereafter, we’ll take you through finding a cyber security job in India and more.

Cyber Security Government Jobs in India

The government sector is undergoing a digital transformation – from digitizing Passport formalities to maintaining digital records of the citizen, everything is technology-driven. With the digitization of government offices, the need for skilled and talented cyber security professionals is also increasing. Therefore, there is a bright scope for skilled and experienced cyber security professionals in the government sector. Cyber security analysts, network security engineers, cyber security managers, and others are some of the in-demand cyber security jobs in the Indian government sector.
If you wonder how to find the right cyber security job in the government sector, fret not, continue reading.

How To Find Cyber Security Jobs in The Government Sector?

The first prerequisite to secure a job in the government sector is that you must be well-versed with different concepts like the meaning of cyber security, different types of hackers, etc. Once you have the right skills and knowledge related to the field, register yourself at the department established by the Government of India to train aspiring cybersecurity professionals for the job. The department is managed by National Security Database and Indian InfoSec Consortium and supported by Information Sharing and Analysis Center. After completing the training, you will be employed in one of the departments of the Government of India. Similarly, corporate companies or MNCs follow the same procedure for employing cyber security professionals.
Lastly, let us walk you through how to prepare for a cyber security interview.

How to Prepare for a Cyber Security Interview?

Clearing the interview round seems very hard in every profession, especially when your job requires specific technical skills. However, preparing for a cyber security interview may not be that challenging if you prepare in the right way.

You just need to know the process of preparing for the interview besides having in-depth knowledge about cyber security and the relevant skills. For gaining knowledge, you can take up cyber security courses – they are short, informative, and rewarding courses. Emeritus India offers numerous cyber security certification courses in collaboration with various top-rated institutes. Enrol yourself in Emeritus’ cyber security courses today to sky-rocket your career.

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