Explore Different Digital Marketing Courses and their Eligibility Criteria

As digital marketing is continually consolidating its dominance and necessity in today’s business world, companies are increasingly deploying data-driven digital marketing strategies in their comprehensive marketing plan and putting in great efforts to achieve high ROI.

Digital marketing is not about placing the same generic ads on social media platforms or the internet. Instead, it requires organizations to devise different marketing strategies and have a thorough understanding of the marketer’s part. For this, organizations need expert professionals who are well-versed in digital marketing techniques and tools. However, the number of such professionals in India is relatively low.

Due to the lower number of skilled digital marketing professionals, the salaries of proficient and experienced professionals have gone up, making the field a very lucrative career option. This is one of the major reasons behind the growing interest of people in accelerating their careers in digital marketing by taking up the best digital marketing course.

Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing Digital Marketing Course

With the types of digital marketing courses you choose, the eligibility criteria would vary. Generally, for taking up a digital marketing course from a reputable institute you must have completed your graduation at least.

Essentially, for undertaking the online courses offered by Indian institutions and universities, the Indian applicants must have graduated (10+2+3) from a recognized educational institution/university in any discipline. Similarly, international applicants must have completed their graduation or an equivalent degree from a recognized institution or university in their respective country.

As far as digital marketing courses are concerned, there are no restrictions on the stream/discipline of study. Therefore, it is not essential for you to be a marketing and commerce graduate to pursue a digital marketing course. Whether you are an IT graduate or an entrepreneur or an engineer or anyone who is interested in developing a career in digital marketing, you are eligible to enrol for a digital marketing course.

Some of the courses are only for working professionals or interns from any field or industry and not for graduates or freshers. Such courses require a couple of years of work experience which is usually waived for MBA graduates. However, most of the digital marketing courses do not have work experience as their eligibility criterion. A few of the digital marketing courses along with the eligibility criteria offered by Emeritus India are:

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Eligibility Criteria – Any graduate or diploma holder

Emeritus India offers this course in collaboration with ISB Executive Education. It is a 12-week long online course, which will help you understand – the building of digital marketing strategies, and digital customer behaviour and identify the in-demand metrics in order to effectively measure and optimize the ROI.

Executive Programme in Digital Transformation

Eligibility – Graduate with 7+ years of work experience/ Post-Graduate with 5+ years of work experience

Emeritus offers an Executive Programme in Digital Transformation in collaboration with IIM Lucknow. It is a 10-month course. As technology is playing a pivotal role in transforming businesses globally, agile business models, emerging technologies and digital practices are serving as the change agents in this transformation. Therefore, as the organizations that wouldn’t move along the lines of this digital transformation will lag, they are extensively looking for professionals who have a thorough understanding of the impact and nature of digital transformation.

Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing

Eligibility: Graduates/ Students in the final year of their Graduation

Emeritus offers this programme in collaboration with IIT Delhi. It is a six-month online course. By enrolling for this course, grab the opportunity to gain in-demand digital marketing skills and learn new-age strategies to be industry-ready, opening doors to lucrative job opportunities and fast-track career aspirations.

Certificate Programme in Digital Transformation

Eligibility – Any Graduate/ Diploma holder

Emeritus offers this course in collaboration with ISB Executive Education. This 12-week online course will help you deep-dive into the technological disruptions happening across industries. During this course, you will also get a chance to learn about emerging technologies such as Social Computing, Blockchain, IoT and their business use cases, identify multiple opportunities for innovations in your company, and learn about the frameworks that you can easily apply in your future organizations for building a competitive advantage.

Skills for Building a Career in Digital Marketing

We’ve put together a few crucial skills that you should essentially possess to build a career in digital marketing. Even if you do not possess these digital marketing skills, fret not, you can undertake a short-term digital marketing course to add the relevant skills to your existing skillset:

  • The Buyer’s Journey and Sales Funnel
  • Content Marketing / Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Ads
  • Data Analysis
  • Communication Skills
  • CRM
  • Basic Design Skills

Drive Your Career Success with a Digital Marketing Course

As digital marketing is demanding and fast-paced, understanding the fundamentals and gaining in-depth knowledge about different digital marketing techniques and their working would be very helpful in developing marketing strategies and running campaigns. And the best option to gain knowledge and acquire relevant skills is to undertake full-fledged digital marketing courses or other online marketing courses from a reputable institute.

Now that you know what your next step should be, what’s the holdup? Enrol for one of the Emeritus’ digital marketing courses today.

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