Tips & Tricks For Top HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Top HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Here you can learn more about some Tips & Tricks For Top HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers.

Everyone is different – their perspectives and qualifications are different; similarly, their roles, responsibilities, and duties in an organization are different. Therefore, a business organization must foster diversity in their workforce devoid of any prerequisites. And a department that helps organizations do so is the HR department. They work continuously to foster creativity, growth, development, and learning among the workforce across all departments.

Now, let’s understand what is HR management. The process of strategic management of the workforce is called human resource management or HR management. It is an organizational function performed by skilled and talented HR managers and executives. It is known as employee management and development.

In the current business milieu where machines are threatening to replace manual labor, the need for the HR department is more than ever to offer security and safety to the dwindling hope of the workforce. Moreover, they provide a respite for the working class so that the machine cannot turn them obsolete. Therefore, the need for and importance of the HR department has substantially increased with many graduates specializing in HRM and employee management.

If you are planning to make a career in HR management, this article will come as a handbook that equips you with the necessary skills and preparation required to clear the HR interview round.

How To Start a Career In HR?

Decades ago, HR professionals were considered paper-pushers who only had the authority to fire or hire people. However, today, HR professionals are more dynamic and vital to a business organization. In the last few decades, the field has produced some famous leaders who have set the trend for others to follow. That’s why today, many aspirants are opting for HR roles. If you are one of them, details in the succeeding sections of the article will help you develop a successful career in HR. Let’s begin with contemplating how to start a career in HR.

How to Prepare for An HR Career?

Business organizations are seeking HR professionals who possess a set of skills and are highly qualified to sustain the dynamic climate of a business environment. Therefore, the first step towards launching your career in HR is developing the required skills and knowledge to carry out responsibilities and duties efficiently. You can take up a top-notch HR course online inclusive of training sessions to gain insight into the field and develop a diverse work profile.

Skills Required by HR Professionals

We’ve put together the top skills every HR professional must possess to develop a successful career:

  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Human resource management expertise
  • Basic knowledge about recruitment and hiring
  • Analytical skills

If you are searching for ways to either develop or hone the above-mentioned skills besides expanding your knowledge base, it is highly recommended to undertake a certification course in human resource management offered by Emeritus India in partnership with reputed institutes. Such courses help you stay confident during your job interview as you attain in-depth knowledge about each and every concept in the field. Nonetheless, we’ve listed below common HR interview questions for freshers.

Top HR Interview Questions for Freshers

It is hard to clear the HR interview round when you have little work experience in the domain of your interest. However, preparing answers for common HR interview questions asked by recruiters to freshers increases your chance of getting the job on the first attempt. Read below some basic HR interview questions frequently asked by hiring managers to freshers.

Tips & Tricks For Top HR Interview Questions and Answers for FreshersWhy did you choose HR?

Many times, freshers decide to pursue a career impulsively. Therefore, interviewers commonly ask this HR interview question from freshers to ensure that they are genuinely interested in the field. So, while answering this question, highlight your skills and knowledge about the industry. You can also reveal the persuasion behind choosing this field.

What is your dream job?

Hiring managers put across this HR interview question to freshers to understand their long-term goals. Through this question, interviewers also try to understand a candidate’s motivation, skills, and ambition. Therefore, while answering this question talk about the leaders or people who motivate you to do better every day. In addition, talk about the circumstances that led you to your current job.

How do you handle work pressure?

Being an HR professional requires a lot of resilience and patience- you deal with workforce-related issues and problems every day, try to understand their grievances, and put forth solutions to tackle human resource-related matters. It gets stressful sometimes. Everyone has their way of dealing with stress. With this question, the interviewer wants to know if you can handle work-life stress. This question helps hiring managers get an insight into how a candidate functions under stress and pressure. While answering this question, narrate an instance where you performed excellently in a challenging situation.

Why do you want to work with us?

It is one of the typical HR interview questions asked by the interviewer. Recruiting freshers is often seen as a business risk because they require training to perform specific tasks efficiently. The complex business environment has forced companies to reduce their costs spent on training and development. Therefore, recruiters ask this HR interview question from freshers to measure the candidate’s determination and willingness to learn and adapt to the new environment quickly.

Technical HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Sometimes recruiters ask many technical HR interview questions to freshers in their first face-to-face meeting. Therefore, we have collated some common HR interview questions and answers for freshers that recruiters usually ask.

What is the meaning of management? Describe the essential functions of management.

Management is summarized as the process of bringing people together to achieve a common goal. Planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and reviewing are some of the essential functions of management. HR professionals perform various management functions, like planning, organizing, resourcing, etc. Therefore, there are high chances that the interviewer will ask this question in the interview to test your technical skills. As a part of your answer to this question, demonstrate various real-life examples.

What is HRIS? Why do HR professionals Use it?

Human resources information system (HRIS) is software regularly used by many HR professionals to maintain, manage, and store information related to employees. HRIS standardizes HR-related tasks and processes. HR professionals widely use the software; therefore, interviewers expect freshers to know about it. To test their knowledge about the software, the recruiter can ask different questions related to the software. Therefore, brush up on your understanding of the software before attending the interview.

What are the qualities of an HR Professional?

HR professionals possess skills like intuition, empathy, versatility, flexibility, and focus that help them complete their roles and responsibilities efficiently. As a result, this HR interview question for freshers is often asked by interviewers.

Situation-Based HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Situation-based HR interview questions help recruiters understand different facets of a candidate’s personality, which is why they are commonly asked. Here are some common situation-based HR interview questions for freshers.

  1. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?
  2. How do you feel working on weekends or night shifts?
  3. What would you do if you won a massive lottery?

The answers to these questions must reflect a part of your personality. So, think twice before answering situation-based interview questions. Lastly, we have enlisted some HR interview tips and tricks for freshers that will prepare you to secure a job without peril.

Tips & Tricks For Top HR Interview Questions

  1. Brush up on all the important concepts and above-listed HR interview questions the day before the interview. It is highly recommended to undertake one of the HR courses online to gain a deep insight into the important concepts and practical knowledge about the field
  2. Dress appropriately and try to reach for the interview on time
  3. Be an active listener and answer only after comprehending the question completely
  4. Establish eye contact and demonstrate confidence
  5. Carry all the important documents, and do not forget to ask the right questions

Thereafter, you’re all set to crack the interview and be a part of your dream company

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