What is Brand Purpose: A detailed Guide

What is Brand Purpose: A detailed Guide | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Growing risks and geographical, financial, and logistical difficulties have made it hard for brands to create a secure space for themselves in the market. In addition, we live in times where there are unlimited brand choices, and customers are getting lured by packaging, design, or the most straightforward offers. Therefore, to stay relevant in the current business milieu, brands have to focus on developing a strong brand purpose that goes beyond making a profit or offering excellent after-sales services.

Are you someone who is contemplating why brand purpose is important? Then, you have landed on the right article.

In this article, we’ll largely discuss everything about brand purpose – right from what is brand purpose to the importance and relevance of the concept in the current business milieu.


What is Brand Purpose?

Brand purpose is the main reason for a brand’s existence. A purpose-oriented business exists to serve society rather than archetypical business goals that start and end at profit and sales numbers.

However, experts believe that the complexity and competition of the current business milieu have forced companies to focus on developing a product, not a brand. There is a clear demarcation between a product and brand for the unversed, while a product is a single entity. Meanwhile, a brand encompasses all the products sold by a company.

Since companies are focusing on developing products, they are failing to create a positive impact in the market with their product. That’s why many are shutting before they reach the second stage of the product life cycle.

Moreover, the integration and introduction to digital marketing in company processes have also added to the peril. Automation hasn’t been welcomed with open hands, especially because it requires businesses to turn around their decades-long processes and incorporate and learn new things.

Therefore, to survive the complex business environment and competition, companies need to formulate a brand purpose that mitigates the market-related risks and helps their customers connect with their brand. An ideal brand purpose fits into a company’s existing product, brand messages, packaging, design, mission, and vision.

Now that you know what brand purpose is, let’s look at its importance and how it has stood the test of time.

Why is Brand Purpose Important?

Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of brand purpose.


It prioritizes customers and helps solve their perils by offering high-quality and user-friendly products. Moreover, purpose-oriented businesses answer the question of what consumers want from a product, which helps provide personalized products that increase the company’s finances and increase its goodwill.

Brand loyalty

Brand purpose mostly corresponds to the target market’s requirements and needs. When the customers get the product they desire, it builds a connection between them and the brand. This long-term association between customers and the brand instigates brand loyalty and trust.

A great addition to the value

Many brand experts have emphasized on the growing importance of value-added to a product. In addition, many reports state that purpose-oriented brands take a firm stand on contemporary issues that many late bloomers and millennials appreciate. It motivates them to invest in a brand that listens and adapts to their environment and is not just a silent spectator.

Increases purchasing power

Research conducted by Deloitte recently found out that customers believe in brands that stand up for societal issues. Furthermore, the analysis revealed that sustainable products and data privacy, among others offered by the brands, are reasons for increased purchasing power and brand loyalty.

Benefits employees

The increased exposure to the world through the internet has helped employees track some of the labour movements that demand the inclusion of workforce benefits and perspective into brand purpose. Therefore, business-oriented brands are preferred by many employees.
Consumers condemn products quickly in this day and age, and brand purpose is a user-oriented process that incites value and customer loyalty. Therefore, the importance of brand purpose is substantially increasing for brands that want to establish a unique identity for themselves in the market.
If you want to pursue a career in branding, then knowing how brand purpose has stood the test of time, and the impact of brand purpose on business will help you decide whether to pursue the field. Ahead, we focus on brand purpose and its impact and use in business enterprises.

How Brand Purpose Impacts Businesses

There is a positive impact of purpose on the brand. Whenever a brand works on researching, ideating, and brainstorming a purpose that resonates with society’s current trends and patterns, there is evidence that the business gains a competitive advantage. Besides customers, a shared brand purpose offers benefits to employees. Moreover, a purpose-driven business focused on a goal or objective that benefits society improves the business’s financial position.
The current business environment is filled with numerous brands offering the same product with the same assortments and features, and what makes a product stand out is the purpose of the brand. The millennials and late bloomers are informed and conscious of the brand they use, and more than marketing, and promotion, what matters is the brand’s stand on societal issues. The more aware and market conscious a brand is, the more its chance to attract customers organically. That’s why new brands are ruling the market with less promotion and advertising.
Business purpose also helps formulate specific branding strategies unique to the company and its product. Furthermore, what the purpose of branding is in a business is not a piece of news. Therefore, there are numerous benefits of running a purpose-oriented business.

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