What is PPC Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

What is PPC Marketing – The Ultimate Guide | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

In today’s era of start-ups, many successful big and small businesses on digital have one factor in common – PPC or Pay-per-click. PPC marketing has revolutionized advertising and digital communication.

To know more about PPC marketing, let’s understand the meaning of digital marketing first.

The meaning of digital marketing

Digital marketing uses electronic devices for advertising, branding, communication, and promotion, and its impact is measured through customer response and journey. Typical digital marketing campaigns appear on a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other similar devices.
Digital marketing and communication vehicles include search engine marketing, online videos, display ads, paid marketing, paid social ads, and social media posts. Pay-per-click or PPC marketing is also called ‘paid marketing.’ It gives full transparency, measurability, and speed to your digital communication. You can maximize your digital marketing with creative and well-planned PPC campaigns. Let’s take a closer look at what is PPC marketing.

What is PPC marketing?

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is one approach of paid advertising which enables your website to rank higher and appear among the top search results. It allows you to bid on keywords to target specific audiences or certain platforms, yielding focused and more significant responses.
Pay-per-click marketing is a primary advertising model for all search and shopping engines. Sometimes, PPC is an optional payment model in social media, display, and affiliate marketing.


How does Pay-per-click work?

PPC uniquely combines marketing and advertising. Pay-per-click marketing is leads and sales-oriented. Once you have explored all the possibilities in organic lead generation, the logical step is to go for a strategic PPC marketing campaign. If you are thinking, how does pay-per-click work for you? Here are some of its exclusive benefits.

  • PPC marketing generates excellent visibility and constant traffic to your website.
  • PPC marketing campaigns are designed around the right keywords. Their well-structured network makes them highly effective.
  • PPC is strongly action-driven and focused. Creating an organic presence is a long-term task. Compared to organic traffic creation, PPC marketing gives faster results.
  • PPC enables you to reach out to an audience that is not familiar with your brand. PPC marketing widens your reach and thus, increases your potential response opportunities.
  • With PPC, the results are measurable. You can measure impressions, views, and click-throughs. One way to create measurable lead generation is to set up campaign tracking on your website.
  • A PPC marketing campaign is time-saving. You can set up and start a campaign on any landing page and stop at any time.

There are some significant PPC settings. Clicks work as the basic PPC metrics. The number of clicks determines the quality and relevance of your ads and the responsive behaviour pattern of the audience. More clicks signify a better response.

PPC Marketing also considers Cost per Click (CPC) and Click-Through Rate (CTR). CPC is directly related to your budget and conversion target. CTR helps in evaluating your connection and communication with your audience. A high CTR means correct targeting, and a low CTR means a communication gap, which you need to work on. Now let’s have a look at the tools for PPC.

Tools for PPC

PPC Tools are extremely helpful in managing bids, tracking conversions, being well-organized, and improving your account performance. Tools for PPC contribute greatly to optimization, design, and research. Let’s know some more about PPC Tools.

  • Insight Tools give insights into competitors’ keywords, ads, and the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors. Examples- Keyword Planner Tool, Bling Ads Intelligence, SEMRush, SpyFu.
  • Build Tools to create new PPC marketing campaigns and expand existing PPC accounts. Examples- Excel, Adwords Editor, Bling Ads Editor, Unbounce, WordPress.
  • Collaborative Tools such as Dropbox, OneDrive, G Suite, and Box enable the entire team to access images, documents, files, and all the assets in the account.
  • Project Management Tools such as Trello, Podio, Jira, TeamworkPM, and so on handle project management tasks.
  • Automated Recommendations and Testing Tools for functions such as Ad Testing, Positive Keyword Suggestions, Quality Score Insights, and more.

To sum up, investing in the right kind of PPC marketing is highly rewarding for any brand, product, or service. It drives business growth tangibly. Strategic PPC marketing within an appropriate budget is a preferred digital marketing tool of today. To implement PPC, well-trained and qualified digital marketing professionals are in high demand. Doing a digital marketing course with a well-chalked-out curriculum would prove to be4 the right decision.

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