What is Probation Period & How to Handle it

What is Probation Period and How to Handle it?

A probation period is a time a recruit takes to understand company policies, rules, and their job responsibilities. It is also when an employee works as a temporary workforce with minimum benefits and facilities.
The probation period generally spans three months to a year based on the company’s policies and regulations. Here’s a quick guide on understanding the different aspects of a probation period.

What Happens During a Probation Period?

A probation period is a learning curve for employees as well as employers.
The employer tries to understand the employee’s skills, work ethics, and career objectives and the employee evaluates their capabilities and identifies if they are the right fit for the organisation.
In addition to that, the employees also try to understand if they can adjust to different factors like commute, working hours, company culture and policies, physical space, etc.,

What Happens at The End of The Probation Period?

At the end of the probation, if the employer believes you are a misfit, they will terminate you from the company. On the other hand, if you feel that the job isn’t the right career option for you after graduation, you can quit the job.

Regardless of the fate of your probation, you will be paid a salary during the trial period. It may however be less than the actual salary.

Below are some points that will help you pass your probation period successfully.

How To Successfully Pass The Probation Period?


Being on time is one of the most important prerequisites to successfully passing the probation period. It is a critical factor that reflects your attitude and approach towards the company’s rules and work culture.
Your manager will closely monitor your time of arrival and departure. Apart from this, completing your assigned tasks in the stipulated time is also a deciding factor when offering you a full-time job after probation. Your supervisor will look at the time you take to complete a task, determining your efficiency and productivity.
Therefore, try to be punctual to work and complete all the assigned tasks on time. And if you miss the deadline, communicate it with your superiors.


Many job profiles require the candidates to be inquisitive and follow an analytical or numbers-driven approach. So, if your career path requires you to foster curiosity, showcasing that side of your personality during probation can increase your chances of getting an offer from the employer.
Regardless of the job profile, curiosity is a personality trait that can translate into exciting work opportunities.

Strong communication skills

Having effective communication skills helps pass the probation period with flying colours. Moreover, it allows employees to communicate their points clearly to their superiors and co-workers; and carve a niche for themselves.

In addition, it helps build a great rapport with colleagues and start their journey of learning new things that can increase their efficiency and productivity.

Observation and application

Every organisation has its unique working style that a new employee needs to understand. So, as a new employee, you must invest most of your time in observing and learning the company’s processes, culture, rules, and organisational structure from your superiors, especially if you are in a leadership role.

If applying for a leadership role, you need to be akin to the leadership styles across the organisation. Taking leadership courses can help you develop your skills. Emeritus India has some of the best online leadership certification courses that equip aspirants with job-specific skills.

Understanding the company’s expectations

You can take the help of your manager or co-workers to get an idea about the roles and responsibilities you need to perform in the organisation. They will provide you with exact answers to your questions.
These tips will bring you closer to being offered a full-time job position. Below are some reasons why you must complete your probation period.

Why Complete The Probation Period?

Get the benefits of a full-time position

After completing the probation period, you will become a permanent employee of the organisation. It will come with perks like being eligible for salary hikes, raises, promotion, and health insurance, among others.

Demonstrate skills

During the probation period, most of the employees are not taken seriously, mainly because they are not an active part of the company’s workforce and are new to the culture and environment of the organisation.
Therefore, after completing the probation, you will have umpteen opportunities to showcase your unique skills and strength.

Job security and accomplishment of long-term goals

Apart from the monetary benefits, completing a probation period leads to higher job security. Moreover, it instils a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and motivation. In addition to that, it brings you closer to your long-term career goal.

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