What is the Best Cyber Security Online Courses in Emeritus?

How Do Online Certification Courses Help Adapt to Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape?

The pandemic has instigated a rapid change in the cyber security landscape. Managers and executives work remotely, using cloud storage and different interactive networks and third-party applications to communicate with their team, transfer and store important documents, etc. And, to protect this crucial data and network from unwanted cyber-attacks, it is essential to maintain cyber security.
Therefore, cyber security professionals are developing security strategies that offer security and protection to business networks, applications, and devices in the fragile and complex business environment where data breaches have become an everyday thing.

Cyber security professionals are developing long-term cyber security strategies that offer safety to organizations using cloud and third-party applications for communication and data transfer. However, the evolving cyber security landscape has posed a challenge for professionals to learn new skills and techniques to bring innovation and enhanced protection to the companies adopting remote working modules. If you are a cyber security professional finding it hard to adapt to the industry’s changing landscape, the certification courses offered by Emeritus India will help you cope with the change.

Moreover, many cyber security managers and executives are undertaking various cyber security certification courses to learn what cybersecurity is in the changing business milieu and stay up to date with new trends, skills, and knowledge that increases your efficiency and productivity. So, for a long and prosperous career in data science, it is imperative that you enrol in certification courses that will help you help you deal with the change. In this article, we will discuss Emeritus India’s best cyber security courses that will help you embrace change and innovation.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a modern concept that gained prominence in the last few decades. It is the process of protecting modern technological gadgets – like computer and mobile devices, networks, servers, and data. Also known as information technology security, cyber security deploys various tools into business processes to examine, track, and isolate data threats and breaches.

In the current business milieu, where business communication and processes are exploiting the latest technological advancements to function, there’s an urgent need for solid and comprehensive cyber security strategies. That’s why companies employ professionals with skills and knowledge that help tackle and mitigate business risks.

Best Cyber Security Courses

Here are some of the best online cyber security courses offered by Emeritus India:

1. Certificate programme in IT Project Management
The transition into information technology (IT) can be hard for some, however, our IT project management certificate courses make the process easy. The programme is offered in partnership with the Indian School of Business. The online courses akin candidates with the following concepts:

  • IT project management definition, project life cycle, and project management portfolio, among others
  • Cyber security definition and how to perform analysis, monitor, and track security threats
  • Difference between IT project management and general project management in different sectors.
  • Agile software development practices for managing and controlling large projects and programmes
  • Meaning, definition, and importance of project network scheduling and crashing, monitoring, evaluation, and other project management concepts.

The online cyber security course also equips candidates with project management concepts like project execution basics, project planning fundamentals, and others. It also teaches candidates industry-specific and new skills and knowledge that provides them with information about how to spot new trends, use software for project management, minimize risk, and drive business value.

2. Advanced Management Programme for IT Professionals
The Advanced management programme for IT professionals is an online cyber security course that combines IT and business management. The amalgamation incites IT and cyber security innovation and expertise in professionals undertaking it. Therefore, the programme’s curriculum includes concepts like human resource management, information technology and system, supply chain management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, among others.

For this programme, we have partnered with the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. The 10-month long certification program is best suited for working professionals juggling between full-time jobs and learning. The course offers a flexible learning model that helps them achieve a positive work-life balance.


These cyber security courses equip candidates with skills that help them formulate successful cyber security strategies that can stay relevant in any business environment. Now that you know the best cyber security courses, let’s look at the benefits of taking up these programmes.

Benefits of Cyber Security Courses

Before deciding on pursuing a career in data science or cyber security, an aspiring candidate must research the courses that will help them understand the basic fundamentals of the sector they are passionate about. Upon understanding, an aspiring candidate can choose the best course that suits their preference and requirements.
Enrolling in a cyber security course has a few benefits that go beyond competitive advantage and pay package, some of them are:

  • Gain critical knowledge about the latest technological trends
  • In-depth insight into advanced cyber security processes and systems
  • Build knowledge of tools and protocols about the evolving landscape of cyber security
  • Understand new and existing complex networking and computer systems

Starting a Career in Cyber Security

Many employers used to look for cyber security professionals with advanced courses like master’s or post-graduation. However, since the time pandemic has hit the world, remote and online courses have gained prominence in the employment market. It is believed that online learning programmes will overpower in the next few decades. So, if you are planning a career in cyber security, enrol yourself on Emeritus India’s cyber security online course. By enrolling on the online data science courses, you will learn many other things in addition to the basics such as – what is cyber security, data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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