7 Best Product Management Tools Of 2022

Product management tools help unlock the full potential of your company by transforming the product development process. Moreover, it acts as a helping hand to the product managers by automating tasks that they previously performed. There are many product management tools that companies widely use. However, in this article, we will discuss about the seven product management tools that are apt for use keeping the current business environment in mind.

Seven Product Management Tools Suitable For The Current Business Milieu

The current business milieu is riddled with complexity and challenges. Thus, the product management tool plays an important role, and it automates product development and similar processes that helps product managers and executives to focus on things that need human intervention. In the next part of the article, we will understand the basics of product management in detail.

What Is Product Management?

Product management is a business function that supports the product during its lifecycle- from product development to pricing. It is an organizational function that focuses on innovation, automation, and the growth of products and customers.

The product management function is carried out by product managers, who also ensure that the audience’s voice is heard in a business organization. They work relentlessly with a team of skilled and talented executives to develop a product that aligns with customers’ and brand’s objectives. That’s why a product manager’s answer to what is product management would only include aligning the goals of customers and companies to develop a good product.

Top Product Management Tools

Here are some of the top product management tools widely used across organizations:

1. Trello
Trello is an application widely used across product management teams to track, group, and monitor team members. It is a web application with a seamless interface that makes collaboration between teams easy and convenient.
The popularity of Trello is accredited to its highly flexible eco-system that allows product management teams to do various business activities virtually without any hassle. Moreover, it is a transparent and safe system for communicating and sharing sensitive product-related information.

2. Visio
Visio is an affordable and easy-to-use data visualization web application that product manager uses to make flowcharts. Although it is mainly used while visualizing customer journeys by the product management teams, Visio has found a place in many organizations with its flexible and easy-to-understand visual generating technology.
Additionally, the application can be used to make floor plans, virtually conduct brainstorming sessions, simplify design processes, etc. The application can be used in collaboration with Microsoft 360 (the ultimate application for business management and communication), making it more desirable and popular.

3. Evernote
There are many product management tools used for idea capturing and collaboration. However, Evernote seems to be at the top of the list for all product managers. Simply because of its easy-to-use interface and flexible eco-system. Moreover, Evernote can be used for organizing tasks that need to be pulled off during different phases of product management.

The multifaceted and smart interface of Evernote makes it an easy choice for idea capturing, collaborating, organizing tasks, and tackling different projects, among others. Interestingly, they are widely used across different departments- including project management, marketing, etc.

4. Zoom
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced business organizations to introduce modern communication systems for easy coordination and collaboration. Zoom is a modern communication application that allows collaboration and communication with individuals from different parts of the globe with the help of the internet.
Moreover, Zoom can be used to record customer interviewers. It is no news that product managers regularly communicate with customers to understand their requirements and make changes to the product and marketing strategies. And zoom makes it easy for them to connect with customers virtually. The product management tool also allows them to record their conversation.
It also allows product managers to draw deep insights from the conversations by observing the customer’s non-verbal gestures. That’s why the popularity of Zoom is increasing with each passing day in the current business environment.

5. Typeform
Product managers are responsible for communicating with the audiences to draw deep insights into their preferences. Typeform is a product management tool that makes it easy for them to conduct a virtual survey with less to minimum human interaction.
Typeform is an online application used widely for making forms and survey reports for product research, etc. With Typeform, product managers can create web-based survey forms in a jiffy and send them to the audiences. It reduces human intervention and eliminates third-party involvement, making it an effective customer communication process.

6. ProductPlan
A product roadmap outlines the vision and progress of the product from its initial stage to the time it is not removed from the market. ProductPlan is a product management tool that helps automate the process to introduce efficiency and effectiveness. It is a multifaceted and smart road mapping software that every product manager must have in their product management tools and techniques.

7. Pendo
Pendo is a product analytical application that helps product managers understand customers’ requirements. It automates the product development phase by using its smart and intelligent systems to develop products that resonate with its customers. Moreover, the product management tool also helps embed features in products that offer users a better product experience.

Many product managers use it to automate the product development process and gain new insights into customer requirements, product development process, etc.

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