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If you are contemplating a political science career and planning to apply for an MA in political science, but are unsure about the job opportunities and salary, this article is for you.

Also known as Politology, Political Science is a branch of social sciences that focuses on studying political processes, thought processes, different constitutional frameworks and behaviour in the political arena. Subjects include economics, law, sociology, history, philosophy, demographics, journalism, political anthropology and policies. Commensurate with this diversity of topics, several MA political science jobs are also available for the aspirants.

By studying political science, one gets a deeper understanding of the country’s social, political, economic and legal conditions, leading to diverse career prospects.

MA in Political Science

Masters in Arts in political science or MA in Political Science is a two-year PG programme wherein learners undertake detailed research and develop an in-depth understanding of political science ranging from the basic to the advanced level.

As a part of the programme, students learn the process of political behaviour and framework in the country, the subjects related to governance challenges and various political theories in practice. There is also an overview of international politics included in the post-graduate programme. To enrol for the MA in Political Science, one needs to have completed graduation in political science from a recognised university with at least 50% marks.

MA Political Science Scope

MA in political science offers tremendous scope as far as employment and growth opportunities are concerned. As a master’s degree holder, one would be well versed with political systems and display great analytical skills, research abilities, and writing and debate skills.

Let’s take a look at the MA political science scope in terms of salary, job opportunities, security and personal growth potential:

  • Salary – Political science is becoming a popular career choice, and the annual salaries are growing in tandem with the demand. The MA graduates stand to get supervisory or executive roles or work with NGOs as social workers.
  • Job Security – Political scientists are steadily in demand. With the rise in demand for public policy analysis across private and public sectors, there will be an even greater demand. One of the best things about political science jobs is that AI can’t take them over since these require interactions and understanding with humans. There is also incredible growth potential for those with MA in political science. Each new day is a great learning opportunity for political scientists.

MA Political Science Jobs

There is no lack of political science jobs in today’s time. There are various opportunities with lucrative salaries and growth opportunities such as:


Politics runs any democratic nation nowadays. For someone opting for MA in political science, a career in politics is a natural option. One can become a political leader or join an established political party. There is plenty of growth and prosperity on offer.

Policy Analyst

The study of political science enhances one’s knowledge about public policies, schemes, and governmental activities. A policy analyst would be responsible for implementing, analysing or reviewing new policies, laws and regulations of the government. Policy analysis is a high-paying job that can fetch over 11 lakh per annum on average.

Social Media Manager

This is the digital era, and every political party, group or organisation, directly and indirectly, involved with politics and governance requires a robust social media presence. Politicians use social media platforms to engage their audience or promote their initiatives and work. Thus, there is a rising demand for experts in social media marketing in the political sector today. Alongside a political science MA degree, one can do a certificate course in digital marketing to succeed in this arena.


This has always been a profession of great esteem, requiring tremendous investigation skills and an understanding of human behaviour. Students can develop several basic traits over the course of their MA programme that will help them become law professionals. Lawyers in India can earn upwards of Rupees 4 lakh per month.


Journalism is always going to be interconnected with politics. Journalists are expected to have a much-nuanced understanding of political behaviour, history, national and international political systems, as well as potential implications of actions of government and other political parties. Thus, a career in journalism is among India’s prominent political science jobs.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations professionals are responsible for building good relationships with the media. They ensure that the brand, person or political party they represent, should get maximum positive media coverage. Thus, a career as public relations specialist is among the most popular jobs after MA in political science.

You could choose any of the above jobs after your MA in political science but remember to evaluate your interest and goal. You can even upskill to enhance your chances of getting a job. Renowned online platforms such as Emeritus offer world-class opportunities which can benefit anyone, anywhere, anytime. Out of the plethora of courses available, you can enrol for the course that suits your objectives best. Go ahead and explore the various courses in MA available online and achieve your dream success!

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