Top 7 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Marketer

Top 7 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Marketer | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Businesses are increasing their investment in digital marketing because it helps generate desired traffic, drive leads, and enhance customer engagement. Moreover, it gives them desired results quicker than traditional marketing. That is why it’s imperative to avoid digital marketing mistakes to drive higher ROI.

According to a report, Indian companies are expected to spend 38% of their advertising and marketing budgets on online promotions in 2023. For instance, you can get faster leads with a pay-per-click or PPC campaign than with a newspaper ad. Moreover, measuring the success of a social media ad is much easier than a newspaper ad.

7 Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes One Should Avoid in 2023

In today’s day and age, promoting your product or service on digital media has become a norm. Many businesses across industries are using digital marketing to make an impact in this digital age.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do digital marketing. Below we have listed the seven typical digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2023.

1. Focusing Only on Paid Ads

Generally, brands invest in paid ads to drive more traffic to their website in a short time. Because lead generation through organic searches is comparatively slower as it takes time for the website to rank on the search engine results page or SERP.

However, concentrating only on paid ads like pay-per-click (PPC) or social media marketing (SMM) for lead generation can be extremely challenging because the success of these campaigns depends on external factors like competitor’s strategy, keyword research, and others. Moreover, paid ads are comparatively costlier than other digital marketing strategies.

Therefore, in 2023, distribute your marketing budget equally among all digital marketing strategies.

2. Not Using Social Media to Its PotentialDigital Marketing Mistakes

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer companies many opportunities to connect with the target audience directly. However, not all businesses can succeed on social media mainly because most companies lack a proper strategy. They are not consistent with their social media posts, they don’t reply to most of the user’s comments and more. This leads to a negative social media presence.

So, in 2023, try to increase your social media presence by doing the following activities:

  • Identify your marketing goals. For instance, if you need to increase brand awareness on social media, consider posting interactive posts to increase engagement. You can also interact with your audience directly on the live stream.
  • Find the appropriate platform for your brand. For example, Facebook is a perfect social media platform for large companies, whereas Instagram is the right platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

3. Overlooking Mobile Users

Research shows that the smartphone market in India is expected to boom in the future. Rightly so, the wide use of the device has led to its increased demand.

Many companies across the country have failed to recognise the power of mobile phones. Today, customers are browsing social media, watching TV shows, and playing games on their phones, making mobile a dominant digital platform and mobile marketing an emerging digital marketing trend.

With mobile becoming a dominant digital marketing platform, developing a marketing strategy for mobile users is important. A marketing strategy that caters to their needs and enhances their mobile-using experience.

You can start by understanding how your users interact with mobile phones. Based on that data you can develop a mobile marketing strategy for your target audience.

4. Failing to Leverage Videos

It’s a known fact that audiences will share, embed, and comment on video content more than text. That’s why more and more social media platforms are introducing novel video formats with each passing day. For example, reels on Instagram are a great way to engage with the audience.

Companies across industries refrain from investing in video marketing because it is considered a costlier digital marketing avenue. To produce a video, companies need to hire a producer, director, cinematographer, and actors, which can significantly increase the cost. But the benefits of video marketing are far superior to the cost. It helps hold your user’s attention, which other marketing avenues fail to do sometimes.

So, in 2023, concentrate more on video marketing mainly because research shows that video marketing has 21% of the share in the digital advertising industry. In the future, video marketing is expected to gain significant advertising share followed by audio and display.

5. Not Investing in Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the most popular digital marketing strategies. Mainly because it helps you connect with your user on a personal level. Additionally, it is crafted keeping in mind the customers’ objective. With email marketing, you interact with your audience and promote your goods and services.

6. Overlooking Comments and Feedback

Communication is the key to success for any digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing campaigns allow companies to interact with the audience directly. This was the very reason why many large organisations shifted from traditional marketing to digital marketing. However, many companies have started to overlook the audience’s comments and feedback.

In 2023, try to rectify this digital marketing mistake- don’t ignore user comments and feedback. Listen to your audience, respond to their queries, message them directly, and keep a transparent communication channel.

7. Ignoring the Competition

It’s important to be conscious of your competitors because there is always someone selling the same thing that you are, and maybe they are better at it. Therefore, in 2023, don’t ignore your competitor. Instead, closely follow their marketing activities and understand what makes your brand different from theirs.

After figuring out what makes your brand unique, highlight it in your marketing campaign. This will help you gain an edge over your competition. For example, Maggi’s ‘2-minute noodle ad’ has stuck with the masses for decades. This unique value proposition (2-minute noodle) has helped Maggi stay at the top of the competition.

Digital Marketing MistakesAre These Digital Marketing Mistakes Permanent?

Digital marketing is extremely flexible. You can correct your mistakes with little to no extra cost. For example, if you make a spelling mistake in a social media ad, you can correct it in real-time without hampering the ad’s objective.

Therefore, these digital marketing mistakes are not permanent. Here are some ways in which you can fix your current digital marketing mistakes:

  • Track, monitor, and optimise your digital marketing campaign’s performance. It helps in identifying if you are making a mistake. For instance, a declining KPI can be an indicator that there are some issues in your marketing campaign, which will help you fix them.
  • Analyse your existing lead generation strategies, marketing tactics, and customer details. This will help you in avoiding common mistakes related to digital marketing campaigns. For example, having a clear idea of your target customer will help you choose the right social media platform that caters to their needs.

To conclude, a successful digital marketing strategy brings success to your enterprise. By avoiding these common digital marketing mistakes, you can ensure that your campaign is effective and your resources are being used efficiently.

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