Meeting Etiquette: 7 Tips You Must Follow

Meeting Etiquette: 7 Tips You Must Follow | Upskilling | Emeritus

Business meeting etiquette is a set of rules dictating how correspondents must behave in a meeting. Parts of these rules and regulations go beyond a meeting and extend to how an employee acts with their co-workers every day.
Moreover, it extends to mannerisms that you exhibit while communicating with your co-workers in person or virtually.
These etiquettes can help you understand:

  • Is it acceptable to check your phone during a business meeting?
  • What are the unwritten meeting rules that may damage your reputation?
  • Should you be speaking in the meeting?
  • Do I have good communication skills?

Here are some common meeting etiquettes you can follow to create a lasting impression on your co-workers.

Meeting Etiquettes to Follow

Silence Your Phone Notification

It is an unwritten rule to silence your phone or turn it off during a business meeting. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to show your support and presence in a meeting.
However, there will be scenarios when you might need to take an emergency call during a meeting. In such a case, inform the correspondents beforehand.

Remember Your Table Manners

A business meeting can often continue for long hours, and you might have to continue it over lunch or dinner. At such times, you must be aware of table manners like chewing the food silently, not keeping your elbow on the table, and avoiding unprofessional or messy eating habits, among others.

Measure Your Words

A meeting is a way to get people together and discuss important things. So, while sharing your thoughts on a topic, measure your words. Simply put, don’t overshare or talk about personal problems, as it might derail the meeting’s agenda.
Furthermore, make it a point not to ask attendees personal questions during the meeting to avoid being tagged as an unprofessional employee.

Give Cues That You Are Paying Attention

During a professional meeting is essential to listen carefully to the speaker. You can give the speaker many verbal and non-verbal cues to communicate that you value their efforts. Here are some of them:

  • Proper eye-contact
  • Asking questions
  • Complimenting their efforts after the meeting


Being punctual for a meeting is a sign of professionalism. Therefore, make it a point to arrive early for every business meeting.
If you are late for the meeting, send an apology text to everyone beforehand, explaining the reason for being late.

Greet Everyone

A simple “how are you doing” can help break the ice between you and your colleagues. It demonstrates your politeness. Moreover, it helps in building a great rapport with your colleagues.

If you lack the ability to communicate properly in a meeting, it is best to acquire good communication skills.

What’s The Importance Of Meeting Etiquette In Your Career?

A business meeting brings together different employees from various departments under one roof. For instance, an executive with a bachelor’s degree in product management to a digital marketing manager with a master’s degree in digital marketing come together to make an important business decision. Similarly, a manager with the highest-paying jobs in the world attends the same meeting as an executive with a lesser pay scale.

Therefore, the importance of meeting etiquette transcends position and job role. Here are some of the reasons why learning meeting etiquettes are essential.

  • Improves communication

Business meeting etiquette encourages everyone to speak their mind out in a public forum. This promotes mutual respect and admiration among co-workers.

  • Increases productivity

Meeting etiquette like active listening motivates employees to listen and comprehend the company’s long-term goals. It also gives them a clear understanding of their role in fulfilling the business goal. Thus, leading to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Improves relationships

Meeting etiquette develops a work environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated. It leads to improved relationships or stronger workplace relationships. A positive and healthy relationship between different departments of the organisation vanishes the bottlenecks business experiences due to miscommunication.


Meetings can be demanding, long, and even a little dull. To exercise proper meeting etiquette, take your time to thank everyone for attending and contributing. Find strategies that can make your presentation or meeting much more engaging and productive.

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