Planning To Pursue an MBA in Finance? Here is All You Need to Know About the Course

MBA in Finance

What do famous leaders like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, and Tim Cook have in common? They all pursued a Master’s degree from top-rated business schools. If you also want to become one of such admired leaders, pursuing MBA from a reputed institute will help you scale your career to the next level. Why MBA, you may ask? Because MBA is a revered post-graduation course that offers detailed knowledge and some practical experience about various business functions.

Besides its enriching curriculum, MBA equips you with important interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that will help you stay ahead of the curve. It instils leadership qualities in you and helps you become the best version of yourself, just like Sundar Pichai or Tim Cook.

Although MBA is a generalist degree, you can specialise in marketing, finance, human resource, logistics, leadership, and others depending on your area of interest. In this article, we’ll discuss an MBA in finance and the following career options. Let’s start with understanding what is MBA in finance.

MBA in finance is a post-graduation programme that focuses on educating candidates about the financial side of a business. Financial reporting, portfolio management, corporate taxation, managerial accounting, and financial risk management are some of the subjects of the MBA in finance course. The programme also covers fundamental subjects like marketing, business management, organization, strategy, and business law.

What Are the Benefits of MBA in Finance?

1. Opens Up Employment Opportunities

MBA in finance course will open the floodgates to lucrative career opportunities. With MBA in finance degree or a course equivalent to this, you can have an edge over other candidates while applying for jobs in private and public sector organisations and get competitive salary packages. Investment banker, financial analyst, corporate banker, and risk manager are some of the roles you might get offered once you complete your MBA.

2. Financial Acumen

MBA in finance is a detailed course that instils financial acumen among all graduates. It makes understanding complex finance-related problems easy and solving them easier. Furthermore, the programme will make it easier to understand complex financial concepts like taxation, financial risks, portfolio management, etc.

3. Holistic Development

Since most assignments that you get to work on while pursuing MBA in finance courses are group activities, they instill leadership qualities and expand your knowledge bandwidth as you work with people from different walks of life. Furthermore, it equips you with critical and analytical thinking skills.

4. Expansion in Professional Network

Marketing91 describes a Professional network as building relationships for one’s career benefit. Adding to it, an old survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) revealed that 89% of MBA graduates believed attending business school helped them develop a strong professional network.

5. Credibility defines credibility as “the quality of being believable or worthy of trust.” An MBA in finance course renders you credible as a professional. People believe that you are capable of pulling off what you promise.

What to Do After MBA in Finance?

Whether private or public, profit or non-profit, every industry requires financial assistance in conducting its business. Who is better than an MBA finance graduate? Therefore, there are high chances that you will be flooded with job opportunities soon after completing your MBA. Here are some roles you will be offered:

  • Financial analyst
  • Investment banking analyst
  • Financial advisor
  • Chief financial officer (CFO)
  • Credit analyst
  • Accounting manager
  • Treasurer
  • Finance director

Furthermore, remember that the finance industry is competitive and offers lucrative pay. Therefore, you can earn nice salary packages at the associate levels too.

Executive MBA and Certification Courses in Finance

According to the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), about three lakh students appeared for the MBA exam in 2015, and only 10 % were employable. “Lack of global skills and excess supply,” stated the Dean of a leading business school, the main reason behind MBA graduates being unemployed.

The times are rapidly changing; hence, besides taking an MBA in finance course, there are other smarter ways for working professionals as well to upskill themselves and attract the right opportunities. You can pursue an executive MBA in finance or certification courses to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the competition. Emeritus offers executive MBA courses in finance which is an excellent option for working professionals. It is a perfect alternative to a regular MBA in finance course.

Emeritus offers the best in the industry executive and certification programmes in different fields. We have partnered with premium Indian institutes like IIM Calcutta, Xavier School of Management (XLRI), IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, S.P. Jain School of Global Management to offer international programmes locally at affordable prices.

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