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Internships are a great way to attract quality work opportunities. They are essential whether you are applying for a college degree or looking for a job. Internships offer a chance to showcase your skills, set yourself apart from others, and demonstrate that you are ready to take on more responsibilities.

Since internships are so important, getting hired for one is under immense pressure. The most common question asked during an interview is, why should you be hired for this internship?

This article will help you prepare for this question by giving you an insight into internships.

Here’s what you need to know.

How does an internship help you in your career?

Internships are a great way to learn about your career field and develop skills that will help you get one of the best paying jobs in the world in the future. They also help students explore their interests before embarking on a career and help them gain experience in their chosen field. Many people get confused about the most asked question: Why should you be hired for this internship?

To answer this question correctly, you need to understand the value of internships. They can be a great way to get hands-on experience with a company or organization, which is especially important for those interested in entering the workforce after graduation. Students often find internships through universities, organizations, or companies they are interested in working for after graduation.

Many internships last a few months, but some last as long as six months. Interns typically get paid, although some employers offer stipends instead of paying by the hour. Some employers expect interns to work 40 hours per week; others prefer fewer hours per week but expect interns to be available during regular business hours or on weekends when necessary.

So, why should you be hired for this internship? Here are a few answers to help you with this question.

Internship Interview Answers

Answer 1.

I am just about to complete my final semester/year of college. We have learned a lot over these few years of graduation/post-graduation. However, the practical application of my knowledge will allow me to determine how much I have actually learned. Starting my journey with your firm will allow me to see where I stand. There will be no greater opportunity than this. I can demonstrate my talent while learning how this industry works from the inside out. That is why you should consider hiring me for this internship.

Answer 2.

As I am a newbie, I am still learning. But I can attest to the fact that I am a good learner. I am always eager to learn new things. I also believe in unlearning and letting go of age-old techniques and ideas to progress. I have some creative and genuine ideas I would like to explore with the management if I make it here, and I am confident that some of them will be appreciated. Hiring me may be a win-win situation for both this organization and me. I see no reason why I shouldn’t be selected for this internship.

Answer 3.

If I am recruited, I would like to learn all aspects of the business throughout my duration here. The CEO has always impressed me, and this is my dream job. I believe your company is interested in corporate responsibility and is actively engaged with a few non-profit organizations. This was posted on your official web page, and it is where we connect. I am a social worker and a committed volunteer with various non-profit organizations. So you may hire me because you will get the most out of me while I will learn the best from your firm.

Answer 4.

I believe that joining this prestigious company will help me learn. I would love to take the assistance of the competent and skilled teams who are currently on board. As a result, I will be a better professional in the future. Yours is a well-known brand and being a part of this enormous organization will also help me. A strong knowledge base is what matters. And I believe your organization can surely assist me in constructing one. In turn, I can guarantee you my undivided attention and everything I can do at my level to help this organization reach its goals.

Answer 5.

I am a diligent learner with good comprehension abilities. I can learn new things rapidly while being productive. I can also be of tremendous assistance with brainstorming and demonstrating creativity. Furthermore, my graduation required us to do a project assignment related to your industry. As a result, everything I learned throughout my industry tours and past internships applies to my current professional function. There is no need to start from scratch because I already have some understanding of this domain. As a result, you may select me as one of the finalists for the position.

These are more generic answers; you can tweak them based on your role and requirement. Here are a few examples to show you how you can create specific answers to address the question – why should you be hired for this internship?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing interview questions will include questions related to both technical and internet consumption, depending upon what role you might be going for.

Example – I am a digital enthusiast and up to date on trends. I also possess training related to social media, SEO and SEM. This internship will allow me to explore my potential and understand my roadmap in digital.


While this field pays handsomely, the responsibilities are equally challenging. Hence, finance interview questions would test you. Therefore your ‘why should you be hired for this internship?’ question also needs to show you have a clear mindset.

Example – I am good at budgeting and would like to explore different budgeting methods and evaluate how the right type of budgeting can result in more accurate forecasting. This company, I have heard, is well known for helping clients forecast and grow their business. I could not imagine a better place to start my career.

Sales and Marketing

Remember, it is a sales job, and those asking questions are experienced sales professionals. Be honest, as they will know if you are making things up. Sales and marketing interview questions challenge one’s confidence, so you must answer accordingly.

Example – I have always been competitive and love a good challenge. I believe I will thrive in a fast-paced sales and marketing role as I will be motivated to reach targets and numbers. This internship will allow me to sharpen my skills and improve my approach.

Before going for an interview, make sure that you plan ahead of time. It would be best if you reviewed all the possible interview questions and replies. The sample answers mentioned above are for your reference so that you can use them for your internship interviews.

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